How do Debunk Fake Panafricanists?

I’ve found that the best way to cut through false panafricanists noise and get only to the real ones is to use Vodun as a prerequisite.

Vodun is like an efficient pesticide or herbicide that weeds out.

Of course we still need the false panafricanists.

From Food to Monetary Independence

If only…

About 3 years ago, the government of Togo forbade the exportation of maize.

The decision was motivated by the need to curb speculation on this basic food and reach some level of food sufficiency.

Maize is at the base of over 70% of food consumed in Togo.

Togo still export maize, but under case by case authorization by the government.

After read more

Africa Musical Independence

Last week a group of musicians broke into the studio of a popular radio in Burkina Faso and beat up the main DJ for not playing enough local music.

They wanted the radio to play mostly music made by local musicians.

Such an event won’t happen in Togo.

During the last 15 years, the Togo artists had been so creative and productive that you barely read more

Africans Should Make More babies

From village to village, from city to city, we are spreading the message to Africans to make more babies.

We are warning them to fear Ngos and our own governments financed by Europeans to erase Africans from Earth.

We are informing them about how Afghans and Pakistanis fought those NGOS.

TALK to your family and friends about black people extermination read more

Here is the Future… Lick my Balls

We have traveled to 2084 in Africa, and here is what we’ve seen.

In 2030, malaria has been eradicated in most of the African continent. The population has grown to 3 billion 200 millions, and most of the countries became prosperous with megacities like Lagos, Luanda, Nairobi, Accra, Abidjan, etc.

The Chinese immigration to Africa had doubled read more

Message to Black South Africans

Here is something black South Africans should keep in mind. No one comes to South Africa because of the black South Africans. People come to South Africa for the white jobs, white business, like they go to Europe or America. Please, When we talk about South Africa, the black should or may just keep quiet. Anyway you have no land, no asset in the read more

Cultural Genome Project

Today is July 18.
It’s Mandela international day. And, I’d like to use the opportunity to talk about one of the most spectacular cultural genome decryption ever done for political purposes.

At the beginning of the years 1990s, the apartheid regime in South Africa desperate to outmaneuver the ANC in order to preserve white privileges and read more

Vodun is not a religion

Why do you want to lower Vodun to a religion level.

Vodun is not a religion. It’s a spirituality of the highest level, based on scientific principles.

Religion is for controlling people, spirituality is for freeing people and enlightening them.

Don’t Shit on Africa

Dear Africans in the Diaspora,
You don’t have to shit on Africa to justify your immigration.
You don’t have to talk bad about your home country, your people to justify your choice of residence.

It’s so easy to talk bad about Africa.
But not You!
You are African, Africans don’t do that.

He who spits on his own house calls for read more

Money doesn’t like truth

Money doesn’t like truth.
Not very much.

Kids who are good at lying or were stealing stuff around 11, are likely to become rich or in prison.

You can not seek truth and money at the same time.

PS: you can replace ‘money’ by ‘power’ in the above sentences.