Cultural Genome Project

Today is July 18.
It’s Mandela international day. And, I’d like to use the opportunity to talk about one of the most spectacular cultural genome decryption ever done for political purposes.

At the beginning of the years 1990s, the apartheid regime in South Africa desperate to outmaneuver the ANC in order to preserve white privileges and read more

Vodun is not a religion

Why do you want to lower Vodun to a religion level.

Vodun is not a religion. It’s a spirituality of the highest level, based on scientific principles.

Religion is for controlling people, spirituality is for freeing people and enlightening them.

Don’t Shit on Africa

Dear Africans in the Diaspora,
You don’t have to shit on Africa to justify your immigration.
You don’t have to talk bad about your home country, your people to justify your choice of residence.

It’s so easy to talk bad about Africa.
But not You!
You are African, Africans don’t do that.

He who spits on his own house calls for read more

Money doesn’t like truth

Money doesn’t like truth.
Not very much.

Kids who are good at lying or were stealing stuff around 11, are likely to become rich or in prison.

You can not seek truth and money at the same time.

PS: you can replace ‘money’ by ‘power’ in the above sentences.

Voodoo Temples: Original religion

You know the true religion of a country when the temples are bigger, more beautiful than the houses of the people.

A Vodun priest would live in a modest house but would buy cement and corrugated roof for the temple of LĂȘgba.

In Europe the most beautiful and the most visited buildings are their religious temples or churches.

In India the most Beautiful read more

Voodoo Principles

Yesterday, I made a quick presentation on Vodun Principles.
It was very popular and a lot of questions.

Here are the main Voodoo principles, extract from my presentation.

– Vodun is not a religion. (No one could Escape Reality).
– At the beginning was the Real. (Not Word).
– God does not intervene in Humain affairs
read more

You Don’t have to

What is very annoying with a huge majority of African intellectuals in Europe is the incredible amount of time and intellectual effort they spend to prove to white people and to themselves that Africans also have history, philosophy, modernity, etc.

Why? Why?

It’s very depressing. What a waste of time! What a waste of brain power.

Don’t read more

Baby Mandelas

It’s very interesting to notice the infiltration of many panafricanist movements by the New Mandelas.

The baby Mandelas comes with discourse like ‘let us not replace white domination with black domination; let us respect African culture of Ubuntu and let the foreigners get the lands, the mines; the future is in miscegenation; let love read more

Will to Power

My last message for the Africans in the Diaspora was:

I’m not interested in Africans who are not interested in power.

I’m foremost a tribal warrior. I want Africa to be powerful and competitive, dominant when required.

I want the African tribe to be as powerful as the Chinese tribe, the Indian tribe, the Russian tribe.

Those who are assimilationist, read more

What is Your Political Ambition?

The biggest flaw in most of the panafricanist movements is to have political discourses without political ambition.

Political ambition means organizing to seize political power.

Political speeches without political ambition is just pure nonsense and waste of time.

Don’t waste people time with political discourses when you have no political agenda read more