Our Kids Right to have their Birth Certificate in their mother language

Until the Reformation in Europe, Latin language was the language of the elite, the language of education, and was present at any corner of Europe with the church.

It was also language of science, literature, law, and administration. Anyone smart or pretending to be, should speak in Latin.

Yet, beyond the wall of monasteries, and the ruling class, the majority of Europeans were illiterate, speaking only their tribal languages, often not written.

At the time the European continent had thousands of ethnic groups and languages with loyalties only to local dukes, princes and villages chiefs.

The Reformation came strong with the German, reclaiming their right to speak, write and educate in their own language. The translation of the Bible in German in 1534 triggered the movement. And the king James translation into English in 1604 marked a tipping point.

Fueled by nationalism, all around Europe, nations started to reclaim their right to educate their children in their mother languages.

After beating up each other for few centuries, European countries imposed on hundreds of tribes a “national” language, abandoning the ubiquitous Latin, and in the same token eradicating thousands of tribal languages.

Outsiders looking at Europe with countries unified by one language, should be warned that the process was brutal and took centuries of mandatory education in a “selected” language.

In Africa, we now consider French, English, Portuguese in our countries as the Latin of the medieval Europe. Like the reformation movement, Africa Renaissance will get rid of those languages as our language of education and administration.

This would require dedication, commitment, science and passion.

Nothing could stop the right of our children to get their birth certificate in their mother language.

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