Nigeria culture is not worthy a tomato can

The Nigerian government had recently banned the import of tomato in the country in order to protect the local nascent industry.
The logic behind the decision is that without the state protection the foreign tomato (heavily subsidized) would crush and destroy Nigerian industry.
What about Nigeria culture and languages which are also under the same threats by alien culture and languages?
Aren’t they worthy the protection of the federal government like the tomato industry?
Apparently, Nigerian government thinks Nigerian culture is not worthy a tomato can to deserve the same protection.
We all talk about China success without mentioning that China had forbidden all foreign propaganda media like BBC, CNN, RFI, DSTV, Google, Facebook, etc. in order to protect their culture and language from foreign bad influences.
The US just showed the way out to Aljezeera TV. They made it impossible for them to reach American audience and forced them to exit.
France restricts foreign medias in their country and forces by law local media to play highest number of local music, films, etc.
Only stupid African governments had yet to understand the value of culture and protect it as a valuable asset.
Nigeria thinks Nigerian culture is not worth a Dangote tomato can.

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