You are Living in the Past!

A knowledge in public domain is at least 3 to 5 years old. And 90% of publicly available knowledge is for marketing purposes, public influence or propaganda, seldom for public good or education.

Do you know how long it takes to get a book published? A Scientific article to be ready for publication? or an invention to be patented before information about it is released to a wider public?

If all knowledge you get access to is from public sources, you are probably living in the past with ideas that would be quite old though still valid, nevertheless most benefit has been taken off by early insiders.

Get into knowledge hunters network, get in touch with fringe researchers, or visit laboratories at least 2 to 3 times years to get a preview of the future before anyone else.

You can NOT develop or fix a country with public idea. Knowledge with real value does rarely circulate in public places. And when there is more than 5 people in a room, the people ability to tell the truth or display their real thought is reduced to 1%.

We love public show, but they are very poor ways to gather ideas with substantial value.
Real Knowledge is hidden, circulated only within closed circle, has a high cost to access and exchange only within intrust peers!

There is lot of useful information in the public domain, and one still could make money of them. However, this kind knowledge is at the end of value chain or at the end of the food chain.

As a matter of example, Microsoft has access to the same talent pool of software engineers and computers scientists as Apple or Google, but they can’t reproduce the kind of flawless design culture at Apple, or the speed of delivery of Google.

All 3 companies have access to the same public data, talent pool, and have no cash problem.

If you are not physically in contact with a person who knows, there is very little chance he could transmit his knowledge to you.

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