Let me keep my Christianity

“I want Africa to become great again, but let me keep my Christianity.”

Well… There is no great civilization without its own spiritual backbone. Man, you have to give up the evil Christian religion, and embrace your African unique spirituality: voodoo. We can’t progress with Christianity, which was used to enslave us, colonize us, and steal us. Say good bye to Christianity, if you are serious about Africa Renaissance. Period. No one could serve two masters!!!

“I want Africa to recover its identity, but let me keep my slave name, let me give foreign names to my kids, and let me speak foreign languages at home and at office”.

Well… A European once asked me if African have their own language or it’s colonization which brings language to Africa. A group of British expats were laughing at Jamaicans after they present themselves as “Smith Cooper” “Jeremy Andersen” etc. They wondered if those Africans got names before meeting the white man.
We are the ridicule of the world, when we abandon our identity and culture. No, we can’t progress without pride in ourselves. Speak your African language to your children, and lobby your state to abandon foreign languages in favor of national languages.

“I want a strong Africa, but let me work for the French colonial agency, or that African population reduction NGO, because you know I need money to live.”

Well… There is a saying “Africans work harder only when they are under the white man gaze.” But working good only for foreigners means we build their strength which they use to enslave us further. Indeed, 99% of the smartest black men work for the white man capital and countries. Now, they wonder why Africa is intellectually, technologically backward. We can not progress that way. You too you have to change. Get a plan, to become autonomous and employ our sisters and brothers.

‘I want strong African states and economy, but let me keep my Freemasonry membership, and be an intelligence asset for foreign agencies.’

You see, we are not going anywhere if you refuse to step out of your comfort zone, abandon some practices or cut some links, and got the courage to stand for a strong Africa.

The past is the past. The courage to cut the slavery bondage is a necessity for our liberation from humiliation.

I want change, but I can’t change myself, is the biggest challenge to Africa Renaissance.

We all want Africa Renaissance, but we want only other people to change, in order to achieve that goal.

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About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of SiliconAfrica.com, Founder of Goodbuzz.net, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at mk@linkcrafter.com.

2 Responses to “Let me keep my Christianity”

  1. Iya Adjua

    Asante/Thanks for this article!!! It is highly relevant to my book that I am writing. In my book ACCLAIM, I present a model based on leadership with the Afrikan worldview at its center. Aspects of the model demands the knowledge, acceptance and awareness of the the Afrikan worldview and throughout the book I argue for facilitators/educators including parents comprehending that liberation of Afrikan minds require removing ourselves from the fringes of the cultures of our fellow humans. Thus Afrikan people should study, embrace and adhere to the Afrikan worldview.

  2. Mtu

    Friend, your website is interesting with regards to its intention but its approach is wrong. In seeking to rediscover what it means to be African, you sadly give weight to modern perspectives and hence approach this as a ‘ modern man’. In order to rediscover what it means to be African, one must approach the question from a Traditional and not a modern perspective. But what does ‘Traditional’ mean? Obviously this is a complex subject that cannot be exhausted via a comment, but a few illuminating statements can be made:

    What Tradition is not:
    Tradition is not custom nor conservatism.

    Some notes on Tradition:
    Tradition is the awareness within humanity of that which is super-human. That which pertains to super-consciousness and which transcends the limits of the human world. This awareness is more or less direct, but it is maintained through symbols which can be visual, auditory, relating to the sense of smell, touch and also taste. A symbol can relate to any of those senses. A symbol would be the ‘bridge’ between the human world and the super-human world. It is that which enables human beings to both communicate with and ascend to super-human worlds and entities; to ascend to higher states of being.

    Tradition is connected to the concept of transmission. Transmission would be the preservation of the corpus of symbols and rituals (rituals are symbols in ‘action’ such as dances, sacrifices etc) as well as passing them from one generation of humanity to another. This transmission is also the preservation of the ‘spiritual current’ that is flowing within the Tradition and by extension, the symbols in question. Thus it is the passage of that which gives men access to that which is super-human, a rediscovery of their original state of perfection as beings. It is the repository of knowledge and techniques that enable man to be restored back to his state of original perfection as a God.

    With those few words, the next question would be, what does this have to do with Africans? Everything of course. It is widely known the world over that in the not so distant past, Tradition (more or less in the sense just explained) was the focal point of being African. Africans had a direct awareness of what other races had quickly lost, in the process of global atrophy, whereby men began to forgot the inner esoteric meanings of things, African tribes still preserved this direct sense of higher Ontology and even Metaphysics. The Great Chain of Being for example is found among all African people,where the body is not the entire human being, but is merely a part of a greater chain that transcends the world of matter. As a result, the world of matter which pertains to the body is also not reality in its entirety, but merely a small and even insignificant ‘illusory’ part of it.

    The ‘model’ of African societies was based on this knowledge. Here is a brief summary of it (I will provide material for further reading at the end of this comment )

    – Priests/Priestess/Sages/Prophets etc: the formless state of being. This is the world of Spirit. Those who occupied such positions were as incarnated gods and goddesses, bridges between the Spiritual world and the human world.

    – Kings/Royalty/Warriors/poets etc: These are those who were at the centre of the human state; the human state is not only the body but also has a psychic element to it. The psychic or ‘animic’ state of being is in between the Spiritual state of being and the bodily or corporeal state of being. It is also the world of ‘fairies’, ‘elementals’, ‘jinnis’, ‘ogres’ and so on.

    – Craftsmen/smiths/merchants/traders etc: these had a partial awareness of the psychic world but worked to perfect or increase their awareness of it. Their consciousness was neither “too bodily nor too psychic”.

    – Commoners/brutes/workers etc: these were men whose consciousness did was stuck at the bodily level. To them, the world of matter was all that there was. There was nothing that went beyond what their five senses rendered perceptible. This are the precursors to modern man in his abject limitation.

    So you can see, the African or rather Traditional ‘model’ was not based on the world of matter but rather on the effective acquisition of higher states of being or of different states of consciousness. That Africans had this division is undisputed no matter how ‘primitive’ they appeared to be. Thus a true awakening within the continent would mean a reawakening of these things as well as the relevant supernatural powers that they come with. The so called ‘myths’ and ‘legends’ were actual real and were accounts of men and women whose consciousness and hence whose power transcended the world of matter. Unless such an awakening occurs however, the African continent will remain asleep. No amount of ‘technological’ innovation will save a people who have forgotten themselves. The African society was based on this ‘model’.

    It is also in this light that the European man’s weakness is revealed. No one will doubt or disagree with the prowess of the white man’s ability to manipulate matter. But that is all he can do. As such, if you wish to give him a nefarious intention, it is that since his limitation is his inability to transmute and eventually transform his own consciousness, he wants the rest of humanity to share in this weakness. He wants both the Asian and African races to also forget their inner and esoteric identity. He has gone to great ends all over the world to seduce men of other races with his material guises and to make them forget what really does matter. At the same time, the white man has misused and greatly misunderstood the Spirituality of other people, after forgetting his own Spirituality. For example, everyone knows how much the white man abuses Yoga and Buddhism, the Spirituality of India, the Tao of the Mongolian people and even what is today called ‘voodoo’. He not only abuses it, but spreads these abused and perverted versions of it to the whole world, thus adding to the global confusion and further making men to disregard all these things as fantasy!

    So in the end you see, there is no shame in giving the white man superiority when it comes to the world of matter. The truth is, there are other states of being and the bodily state of being is just one of them. A reawakening of Africa, Asia and other peoples must therefore start from here. It must be a collaboration and a rediscovery of these higher states of being, from which all true Spirituality and hence all human civilization or ‘models’ flow.

    We can talk more about these issues via email as there is a silent and secret movement slowly being formed from behind the scenes to restore this treasure back to the African people. Just reply to this comment or send me an email to let me know if this interests you.

    For more on these themes, I recommend reading these books:

    – The Crisis of the Modern world by Rene Guenon.
    – East and West by Rene Guenon.
    – Studies in Hinduism by Rene Guenon.
    – The Multiple States of the Being by Rene Guenon.
    – Traditional forms and cosmic cycles by Rene Guenon.

    I actually highly recommend reading every book written under the signature ‘Rene Guenon’ (I must stress that it was a signature and not the work of any one individual) if you really want to understand what Tradition is, what true Power is, how to access true Power and how all this can benefit the African people in rediscovering their identity. Here is a link to some of these books:


    Please read them for yourself. That will be a great step in restoring a correct perception of the African world and the world of Tradition in general. At the same time, since African and Mesoamerican Spirituality is similar, I also recommend reading the work of Federico Gonzales Frias to understand the depth of ‘tribal’ Spirituality. Here is a link to an interesting read:


    Let me know if you are interested in such things.
    Best wishes.


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