Launch of Digital Library in Rwanda

Once you start engineering with vision, who knows what you can achieve.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in conjunction with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) recently launched what seems to have been a trigger switch in the country-Digital Library.

These are learning centers where people especially students are able to gain access to information through internet based platforms. The centers are equipped with the latest miniaturized computer laptop tablets.

During the 2011/2012 financial year, RDB has replicated 30 digital villages called Business Development Centers (BDC) in whose responsibility is to help in sustaining the pilot project. To allow students and general online users access to uninterrupted flow of information, each of the 30 BDC is equipped with the latest laptop computers. In this way, students are able to share valuable information with their fellow learners irrespective of their location on the globe.

The aim of the project is to increase the number of computer based applications as well as promote e-learning in the rural areas of Rwanda as an ICT model project.
Sensing the change in the wind, Sonrise School in Muzanze has taken the concept a notch higher. Barely days ago, the school introduced their digital Library on a different dimension-this time using hand-held Nooks. These are digital readers which allow students to access digital content as well as other open-source resources including libraries worldwide.

With 300 state-of-the-arts computer tablets expected this week alone, e-learning has never been easier for Sonrise students. Another batch of 400 Nook tablets is earmarked to be distributed within the first 6 months of 2012. A renowned computer celebrity Mr. Gaylord Layton who is the founder of Rwanda Leadership Foundation is the main donor of the digital reader Nooks.
With slightly over 1200 students, 50 percent of the student population is orphaned survivors of the 1994 Genocide. Computer lessons at the school run right from lower primary to senior high school. Mr. Gaylord intends to propel Sonrise School to becoming the best ICT model in Africa.

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