‘KwaMoja’ to Ease Corruption In African Hospitals

‘Kwa Moja’ is a fork of a webERP open source project which is dedicated to cater for order processing , inventory management and general accounting.’ – Tim Schofield (Owner of Kwa Moja)  

Corruption in Africa is nothing new to citizens of Africa. There have been several occasions where millions of dollars have gone ‘AWOL’ without the concern of those in charge. However, we can beam with smiles as Tim Schofield and his Kenyan team are readily prepared to combat monetary issues plaguing hospitals via Kwa Moja.

According to Tim, his intent to work on this project dates back to several years ago. ‘In 2008, I was approached by the church of Evangelical Lutheran in Tanzania to help them employ webERP in major hospitals situated within the country.’ he said in an interview with Silicon Africa.

The main goal of the project was to link with an open source health information called care2x. His love for East Africans prompted him to stay at the end of the haydom project.

Four years later, he was asked to run a course at a college in Kenya which includes some extension to webERP. Against the back drop of a successful course, another webERP project themed ‘Kwa Moja’ was launched.

The term ‘kwaMoja’ derived from the Kiswahili language means ‘for One’. It is intended to refer to the integrated nature of software and a sense of unity due to the problem of webERP at the time.

‘Many of our users that we help are at hospitals where we link kwaMoja with care2x. Our current project is to integrate care2x into kwaMoja to build a whole integrated system that can function in any hospital.’ Said Tim Schofield.

Hospitals in Africa cannot afford the commercial ICT system employed by health centers in the western countries. To put some perspective on financials, Tim Schofield confirmed that Haydom hospital (based in Tanzania) is one of the few health centers with 400-bed for patients.

According to Tim, directors in charge need approximately $6 million a year to keep it active. Picking a western hospital at random, the University of Kansas is a 600-bed hospital. It had annual revenue of 1.1 billion in 2013.

Open source enables hospitals in Africa to get modernized software at a price they can afford with ease. Unfortunately, hospitals in East Africa suffer from the great disease of corruption. ‘Our system enables management and donors to keep a close control of what is going on in the hospital even when they(donors) are not around or present at the moment of negotiation. We have witnessed significant reductions in money leaking from various hospitals. On the balance, the money can be spent on patient care.’ he said in an interview with Silicon Africa.

For more details regarding ‘kwaMoja’ and how to employ it efficiently for profitable output, check it out via http://demo.kwamoja.com .

Also, if you want to know about Tim’s initiative, contact him on twitter via  @Tim Schofield


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