Knowledge is not logical

Knowledge is not logical.

Logic is a tool used to share knowlege. Like the pipe is not the water, or the spoon the soup.

Logic is a tool used to simplify knowledge in order to share it with people who have not experienced it, or can’t experience it directly.

Logic is the favorite tool of knowledge retailers. It’s a socializing tool, therefore heavily tainted.

Using logic to produce knowledge is called modeling.
Like the map is not the forest or the city, a model is a poorer version of reality, often decontextualized.

Like a finger showing the stars, logic and its models could be used to point to knowledge, not to replace them.

Logical mind are poorer version of knowlegeable mind.

When I hear people saying for example “this is not logical”, they just mean “I have never heard this before, or think about this before”. It’s very subjective.

Reason why most of new knowledges are illogical to the crowd, and most time unwelcome.

When someone say “this is logical”, he or she means “This is something I have not experienced personnally, or know if it’s true, but I can conclude something similar from a model I have in mind”

Reason why, the moment you succeed to introduce the wrong model in people mind, you can make them agree later on with many things which make no sense or are in many cases contrary to their best interests.

Beware of the models you are using to perceive the world and understand it. Behind every model there is an agenda.

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