In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data

1103-marissa-mayer_atMarissa Mayer, the current CEO of Yahoo! has been quoted saying to people who report to her “If all you have is an opinion, take mine”.  This statement goes in hand with the title of this post “In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data”.

Personally, I have hard time listening to people who state things they can’t prove with data, statistics, research or some benchmarking. For entrepreneurs it’s vital to know their market numbers and the fundamental data that are driving their assumptions.

Last month, an anonymous user asked on “Return2africa” the following question: “I want to start a business back home. Where can I find accurate and non-biased information? In western countries, you just have to browse the net to find tons of resources. You also have Chambers of Commerce, universities, professional associations, etc. So it’s pretty easy to get accurate information. Starting a business is also about having the right info at the right time.”

Indeed, it’s not easy to find online information provided by African governments in a well organized and actionable ways, although the situation is slowly changing (check the links at the end of the post). Most of the information available comes from third parties like the World bank, the International Monetary Fund, and others.

I’ve spent some time to put together some of the best sources I know, and consult frequently for my articles and business consultancy. I hope you find them useful as I do.

1. Industrial Statistics Database


2. African Development Bank Statistics


3. Economic Commission for Africa Statistics


4. Afrobarometer


5. African Economic Outlook


6. United nations Statistics


7. World Bank statistics


8. Nation Master Global statistics


9. IMF country info


10. UNDP Statistics


11. OCDE statistics


12. UNICEF Statistics


13. Africa-EU – economic indicators, trade and investment,_trade_and_investment


14. China in Africa Studies


15. Global Stats Multi sources GeoHive


16. Mckinsey Quarterly Africa


17. Africa on Facebook



Africa National Statistical Offices Websites

Algeria Office national des statistiques
Angola Instituto Nacional de Estatistica

Institut national de la statistique et de l’analyse economique

Botswana Central Statistical Office
Cameroon Institut National de la Statistique
Cape Verde Instituto Nacional de Estatistica
Central African Republic Direction Générale de la Statistiques, des Etudes Economiques et Sociales
Chad Institut National de la Statistique des Etudes Economiques et Demographiques
Congo Centre National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
Cote d’Ivoire Institut National de la Statistique
Djibouti Ministère de l’Economie, des Finances et de la Planification, chargé de la Privatisation
Egypt Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics
Equatorial Guinea Dirección Général de Estadística y Cuentas Nacionales
Ethiopia Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia
Gabon Direction Générale des Statistiques
Gambia Gambia Bureau of Statistics
Ghana Ghana Statistical Services
Guinea Direction Nationale de la Statistique
Guinea-Bissau Instituto Nacional de Estatística e Censos
Kenya National Bureau of Statistics
Liberia Liberia Institute of Statistics & Geo-Information Services
Lesotho Lesotho Bureau of Statistics
Madagascar Institut National de la Statistique
Malawi National Statistical Office of Malawi
Mali Direction nationale de la statistique et de l’informatique
Mauritania Office National de la Statistique
Mauritius Central Statistical Office
Morocco Direction de la Statistique
Mozambique Instituto Nacional de Estatistica
Namibia Central Bureau of Statistics
Niger Institut National de la Statistique
Nigeria National Bureau of Statistics
Rwanda National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda
Sao Tome and Principe Instituto Nacional de Estatisticas
Senegal Agence Nationale de la Statistique de la Demographie
Seychelles National Bureau of Statistics
Sierra Leone Statistics Sierra Leone
South Africa Statistics South Africa
South Sudan National Bureau of Statistics
Sudan Central Bureau of Statistics
Swaziland The Central Statistical Office
Togo Direction Generale de la Statistique et de la Comptabilite Nationale
Tunisia Institut national de la statistique
Uganda Uganda Bureau of Statistics
United Republic of Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics
Zambia Central Statistical Office of Zambia
Zimbabwe ZIMSTAT

 Africa National Statistical Offices Websites List source:


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