Impossible Decolonization

Colonization is not possible without physical domination. Physical domination always precedes colonization.

That is the reason why the core competency of the West is Violence: acquiring tools for effective violence against other nations and people to take what is not theirs in the first place, to build their wealth and status.

Therefore, you can not decolonize if you can not free yourself from the physical domination in place.

That is the reason why Africans are struggling to decolonize. They have failed to understand the hard lesson learned by our ancestors which states : “The moment the wise man receives a slap on his face, he understands he needs to protects his mouth before he could speak freely.”

Asians succeeded to free themselves from physical domination from the West. Their armies have beaten western armies several times during the last 60 years. In fact during the last half century, the West has lost all their wars in Asia, and consequentially they are now afraid to venture military in those regions.

Asian economical prosperity followed but without interruption since.

Till the 14th century, Africa was ways ahead of Europe, economically, politically and technologically. This fact is well documented in many historical documents and chronicles by travelers and merchants who described vividly prosperous kingdoms and cities at a time when Europe was plunged into the dark age of ignorance and superstition, with its population decimated by diseases and the plague, and with widespread of violence caused tribal wars and religious crusades.

When in the middle of the 15th the Europeans start coming to Africa, our populations were too welcoming and too peaceful, without defense, and were easily conquered and dominated, their kings killed and their cities destroyed to the ground. (topic of my upcoming article listing the cities and monuments destroyed by Europeans).

Lesson to be learned: You can not keep what You can not defend. Our Ancestors have learned that the hard way, and we their descendants are still under the aggression and colonization by the descendants of the slave traders and colonialists nations after 5 century.

Economical prosperity alone is not enough. The ability to defend what is yours is foremost important. The Asians have understood that very well, and have harden themselves, and organized their societies to be less penetrable by foreigners.

They trade with the world as equals. They don’t ask for favor. They don’t give favor. They play the world game as it’s defined by the lowest denominator.

Africans armies should not be afraid to confront the western armies. They have to beat them 2 or 3 times to gain the confidence that they are superior in the battle field and are able to defend their motherlands.

My grand grand father told his oldest sons almost a century ago this: “When a foreigner comes to your house and give you orders and you have to obey, your world is finished”.

Decolonization is not possible without physical liberation. We have to stick that into the head of every single african boys and girls, and our leaders have to made it a priority to preserve us from foreign conquest and domination in the future.

Some stupid Africans will come up with argument like “We are in the 21 first century, and such things don’t exist anymore”.

Should I reply to them?

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  1. Inez Sylvester

    Hmm! Doesn't Africa and Africans supply the means to the oppressors to oppress them.


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