One illusion at a time

work-of-scienceIn his book “Illusions”, the author of the best seller novel “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” shared the following story (dramatized by myself).

One day, a prophet appeared in a god fearing village and claimed he was a messenger from God, and he has a message to deliver to them.

Suddenly, the whole village got quiet and start listening to the old, seemingly wise man.

“God asked me to tell you, he loves you all”. The crowd went roar with smiles and applaud.

“But, he has a mission for you people to accomplish at the peril of your life”.
“God’s will is our will. And there is no sacrifice more honorable than the one God has blessed us with”

The prophet continued “God asked me to tell you to declare war on your evil neighbors in the south”.
The crowd cheered and responded “God’s will is our will”.

“You can lose your life!”, said the prophet
“No problem” responded the crowd.
“Your family could be killed”, continued the prophet
“No problem” responded the crowd.
“You can lose everything in that war”, warned the prophet
“No problem” responded the crowd.

Now, all the village crowd is well excited, and ready for war, but the prophet suddenly said: “That was not the message from God”.

The crowd went abruptly silent. the prophet then said, “God asked me to tell you to be Happy, To go into the street, dance and smile, hug each other, and send some flowers to your neighbors in the south”.

The crowd couldn’t understand that message, and proclaimed “This is a false prophet, and this is not a message from God” and they chased the man with sticks and stones.

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