I wish to be a light that shines in darkness

Dapo Nidap AdeniyiA very close friend recently asked me a question. “What do you wish to achieve in life? “, he asked with a rather pragmatic tone.

Quite flummoxed by the question, I paused trying to gather my thoughts. Finally after quite a pondering, these words rolled out of my mind.

I wish to be happy. I wish to possess a profound mental, visual and audio acuity, not for the sake of aptitude, but so that I may capture, in aberrant amusement, the intricacies and the transient nature of our world and therefore experience the bliss that comes with living a life that is void of a colonized paradigm and all sense of religious, cultural and racial superiority.

I wish to live a life adrift, baseless, and most of all constantly changing in a profound unison with our ever changing world, time and space. I wish to be a breath of fresh air. A pleasantly different experience. I wish to possess a vast affinity for reaching out to help other humans who are in desperate need for help.

I wish to be accessorized with a “Bayoic” sense of being complex yet simple, being well rooted yet baseless, being self-contradictory and abstruse in a relatively pleasant perspective. I wish to constantly rid myself of paradigms that hold me captive and keep me from experiencing a state of being which is other than that which I always have been and am now used to.

I wish to be the voice of the light and all creature. Most of all, I wish to be as though I am not, and am, and will be not, and will be, all at the same time and just when it seems as though I am or am not, I change into that which is the other.

Nevertheless, these thoughts came out of my mouth thus. “I wish to be a light that shines in darkness”.

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