How Much Money Do You Need to Live in Togo

Life is very expensive in Africa.

Yesterday, I spent the day with 2 friends having fun. Drinking beers, talking about girls, complaining about politics, strategizing ways to make big money :). Obviously men talk.

While we were sitting over there in the bar enjoying our next bottles of beers and laughing hard, it hit my mind to ask my friends how much does it cost to live in Lome in a day.

I took the lead of our impromptu brainstorming session and suddenly an ugly, very ugly picture emerged. We’ve quickly discovered with amazement that even a bare survival life in Lome costs 3 times more than the minimum wage the government has set.

Here is a quick breakdown, with comments and chart. Pay attention to the table and its comments column.

Here we go, with One Person Minimum Daily Living cost in Lome-Togo

Table - one person Minimum Daily Living cost in Lome -Togo-2
Chart - one person Minimum Daily Living cost in Lome -Togo

In summary, the cost of a daily bare survival for one person in Lome is 3,757 Francs CFA (Local currency) or 8 dollars. The minimum wage in Togo is 35,000 Francs ($70) per month, which equals to 1,167 Francs or $2.35 a day.

The minimum wage rate is therefore 3 times lower than the actual money required to survive, without any kind of entertainment, without health insurance, without hair dressing, without clothing budget, and living in the lowest housing possible.

It’s absolutely impossible to have a decent life in the capital even with $8/day, not to mention with the $2.35/day official minimum wage daily rate.

If you happen to have a partner who is not working, a family or children who are going to school, I wonder how is it possible for those people to get ends meet without engaging in some doubtful behavior like bribery, theft, prostitution, or any other illegal or criminal stuff.

That’s is the case in Togo. What is the situation in your country?


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  1. Craig Johnson

    So does this mean an American can go over there with their money an live easy?


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