Faith In Food

Memories stay with us for a reason, a few words spoken long ago, an image taken by the mind, kept and stored until understood.

Tonight we ate vegetable and lentil soup; as I emptied all too trustingly, the packet of lentils into the simmering vegetable, a childhood memory returned to me.

It was in the backyard in Zululand, South Africa, the Zulu woman I called `Gogo` had laid out sheets of newspaper onto which she had spread a packet of pinto beans and in a separate pile a packet of sugar and painstakingly she spent her time sifting through the contents checking for anything that should not be there.

In the name of convenience we trade too much. The news has become sound bites of statistics, food shovelled down our necks to save time, the ingredients not even read, `medicine` taken in trust from the men in white coats.

All to save time, in the name of time, Old Father Time.
Old Father Time is the planet Saturn, his role is to inhibit human progression, the adversary, the biblical devil, Satan, Saturn.
And it is time the Western World worships, Old Father Time.

You eat that processed food, no.1 ingredient: eggs, and you don`t care, you haven`t time to care how those eggs were laid because you haven`t got time, because your life is time, you live according to Time. But he will get you in the end, Old Father Time, he will get you anyway whether it’s from believing the sound bites of news, sound bites to save time, he`ll get you from those additives, those preservatives, those creatures whose lives turned into hell to quicken time, to save time. Because he takes his payment. Nothing is free in a world that runs on time, to gain time-you pay, it`s that simple, nothing is free in the world of time until it’s time to pay for saving time, where the body, the mind and the spirit must pay for saving time.

Health rotted, minds addled and the spirit left in limbo. A price well paid we wonder.

What is the price for a life lived in the comfort of a democratic western world.

What is the balm for old age when all the costs of a lifetime must be paid? One in three elderly people in the UK have Alzheimer’s or dementia. Hollow ends to hollow lives where a soul can no longer recognize or remember even itself.

No time to think about the news, no time to remember history from as little as a decade ago. If we did we would see the same old patterns that mask the same old lies.

The meat we eat grown big on hormones to quicken a factory process. The genetically modified food, modified to save time. The pills we trustingly take to mask the symptoms of disease. Time for what? Time to work to pay the bills and taxes to pay Old Father Time.

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