European Terrorism Is the Biggest Problem in the World

The time European citizens look the other way, when their countries soldiers and mercenaries go around the world to terrorize and destroy foreign nations, while they would sit down with sunglasses at the café de Paris or Brussels to enjoy the benefit of the welfare brought by the criminal activities of their country, is ending, because the brown victims of white terrorism are seeking revenge, and would likely bring terrorism to their country, and the European ordinary citizens would be the casualties in cinema, metro, cafe, or on the street.

Therefore, Ordinary Europeans should start paying attention to what their governments are doing abroad. Specially western Europe, white supremacist countries, like France, UK, Belgium, Italy, Spain, etc.

For we Africans, above are terrorists countries. They have terrorized our ancestors and continue to terrorize us until now. And there is no sign they intend to change.

They use mercenaries and proxy agents to kill, assassinate, deploy their soldiers in our cities and countries. They use financial terrorism to destroy our economies. They still consider Africa as a land to conquer and make Africans their servants or better slaves.

The West’s systemic terrorism, never reported by their medias would end up triggering more revengeful people who, for some, would chose to blow themselves up in Paris, London, Rome or Brussels.

Ordinary Europeans would be the first victims of the revenge terrorism, not their politicians who are the source of their countries terrorism abroad.

If you want to fight terrorism, you should fight against all terrorisms include Europeans’ terrorism abroad. Europeans countries can’t just go around to destroy other people countries and expect their countries to be in peace.

After I’ve posted above message, an African living in Europe wrote this:

“I have always try to make people understand that the access and the freedom we foreigners are having in Europe are handed to us by European citizens and not by European government.

The common citizens in Europe are the ones showing love to foreigners not the government.

This governments are terrors but when people wants to fight back it’s the common innocent European citizens that suffer terror attacks.‪#‎wicked world‬

But If we can all unite in stopping European governments from invading other peoples land noooo terror will Come knocking at our doors. Terror attacks are the results of European government terror attacks in other people’s countries.”

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