European Caste System


I feel a lot of pain each time I visit Europe or the US.

I see African people victim of widespread racism, kept in “good-for-black-people” low status jobs or elevated into false stardom with some minority quota or nice-to-have.

The few successful professionals are not enough to hide the harsh reality of millions of people crushed by daily racism, a caste system ideologically and structurally maintained by the local populations against the Africans.

I can’t live anymore in a caste society, where skin color and family background determine the fate of individuals regardless of their aptitude, and potential.

Everytime I visit Europe, I do my best to shop mainly at places which employ African people in their staff.

Because of the extensive racism in Europe against Africans, I’ve made it a matter of honor to spend money with companies which give  fair opportunities to Africans descendants in Europe.

Yesterday afternoon in Paris, I ate in a restaurant which employs mainly African descendants. Except one cook who was white, all other employees were black, and the front manager also was a white too.

It’s usual, almost a rule, in europe not to employ black people as manager or person in visible authority position in order not to set example that black people could give orders to white people. “These people are only good to obey” the thinking goes.

The same kind of thinking which derives from the white supremacy thinking inherited from the 17th centuries is continued to be applied in many MNC (multinational corporations and NGOs in Africa where often 90% or more of the employees would be Africans, but the manager or front mangers will be white.

You’d think NGOs would be different, but they are in the same agenda!

It’s very rare to see a black CEO of international NGOs or MNC operating Africa, even if the possibility to find better qualified managers in the local market exists, simply because of a continued belief in many parts of the world about the ability of Africans to self-manage.

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About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of, Founder of, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at

12 Responses to “European Caste System”

  1. Hank Wilson

    Yeah, I kind of feel it too, you know being in Africa more than a few times myself, and seeong the unspoken about caste system there. Anyways, I had to come to that same painful conclusion about the mother (Africa) land; that it's saturated with an African caste-system. This is not talked about in an out of Africa. One thing about America that I love…we don't care if you're king, queen, president or billionair-we say go pack sand in a heart beat right up front in public and in your face…lol. That's what I love. So the moral of the story-maybe you might want to reconsider coming to America.

  2. mm Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

    yeah in few african countries there are caste system, and a newborn money based caste system is also unfolding very quickly.
    I can’t live in US. The conditions of African americans on the streets there are so appalling to me.

  3. Hank

    At least in America, we understand why some people are better off than others. Yet African blacks, they have no such understanding why people who look like them, but are doing such evil things to their own people-such as genocide. Yes, it’s better that you stay in Africa, you’re needed there more than you would be needed in America. We’re handling our own business here, and teaching the world how to do a better job of handle their inhouse business. We’re only about 13% to 15% of the population here in America, yet we accompolish five times more than our African brothers and sister, who owns their own country I think, own their own land I think, own their universities I think, own their military I think, make their own laws I think, own their banks I think, have their own culture I think and I believe that they own their own mind…I believe, at least they should. However, lately one would have to wonder about all the above. Anyways, good luck with owning so much. Yet, we African Americans were allowed to own so little, but Almighty God give us the strength to do so much for the world.

    • mm Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

      @Hank I’m profound admirer of the African american community in the United States.
      God only knows what they went through, survived, and bouncing back.

      We in Africa … have succeeded to bounce back in the 1950 … but failed to learn much about the past … and we are now back to the colonial times.

      The first thing we don’t own is our mind. Like Franck Fanon put it, our elite has nothing african except the skin color: black with white mask. We have lost the self esteem necessary to build empires and kingdoms.

      The moment we have lost the mind war, everything else fall apart.

      I’ll contribute my part, tough small, I’ll not give up until the last smile.

      • Bank Arow

        Thanks Mawuna for explaining to Hank how things are in Africa.

        Colonization has more or less destroyed the typical African’s mind to the extent that I’m almost afraid that it may be impossible to repair the damage.

        Its easier to sympathize with the plight of African Africans who have had to survive under an almost impossible situation. It is less easy to sympathize with Africans in Africa.

        It is good to read people like Fanon and though one fears that the African is lost, it is encouraging to know that there are still some of the younger generation of Africans to which the touch is being passed. To understand the damage done to the African mind from the perspective of a younger generation
        @Hank …here is another quote you can use from one of the younger generations, a quote that explains the situation of the African in Africa

        “While God and Allah promise that they will continue to bless the faithful new African by finding him good masters, the voice that first spoke to the African reminds him of consciously directed change at/from the core of being. By purposefully stepping onto previously unknown paths…by deliberately walking down paths that are prohibited…paths whose entrances are guarded by slobbering demonic beasts…by taking ownership of all that belongs to him with no apology or cringeing explanations, the African can repair that part of his soul that was damaged long ago.

        So says Edumare…. “

  4. Hank

    I like this and will use it; “The first thing we don’t own is our mind. Like Franck Fanon put it, our elite has nothing African except the skin color: black with white mask. We have lost the self esteem necessary to build empires and kingdoms.”

  5. Harbans Lal Badhan

    “The Untouchables (Dalits) of India want economic, social, political, religious and educational equality in Society, not in the eyes of God”
    (Harbans lal Badhan)

  6. Harbans Lal Badhan

    “Dr Ambedkar is the heart and the brain of the untouchables (dalits) of India” (Harbans Lal Badhan)

  7. Harbans Lal Badhan

    “The whole world knows that Indian Caste system is more dangerous and harmful than chemical weapons. If you want to save the global society, annihilate the Indian caste system.”(Harbans Lal Badhan)

  8. Harbans Lal Badhan

    “Lord Rama and Lord Krishana are the pillars of brahaminical social order,caste system and untouchability in India. If you want to save India and Indian society,destroy these pillars.”


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