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racismDuring the last 50 years 21 African presidents were Killed in office, and since 2008 altogether 13 presidents died in office in the world, 10 were African presidents.

As a French white supremacist once said “The reason Africans are losing all their battles is because they don’t know they in a war since 1433.”

Indeed, there is a war against Africa. This war has taken different forms from slavery to colonialism, from racism to cultural destruction, from military occupation to direct coups and sponsored assassinations of people working to defend the emancipation of the African people.

We often accuse African leaders of corruption and serving western nations interests instead, but there is a clear explanation for that behavior. They behave so because they want/need protection. They want a powerful nation to back them in case of aggression or trouble.

Contrary to a friendly nation protection, the western protection is often offered in exchange of these leaders renouncing to serve their own people or nations interests.

African leaders would work in the interest of their people if they were not constantly stalked and bullied by colonial countries. They are constantly afraid to be killed or victim of a coup if they don’t obey!

I have been close to people in power, and saw how fragile they are because constantly bullied, stalked mainly by mercenaries, hitmen, foreign sponsored political parties, and the stress of been victim of a coup is constant.

Contrary to what most people think, most Africans are working hard to fix the continent, and the only people who continue to work against the continent with the help their local puppets are the Europeans colonial countries. The world have to know that!

The purpose of my post of today is to address the “Black shaming” propaganda who constantly compares Africa to country like South Korea, Singapore, Japan, or even China, with the argument that those countries succeeded where Africans are still failing.

During a recent discussion about  Africa problems a participant wrote this:

“Does Korea allows foreign countries, including the almighty USA with its heavy military presence block its development? In 1960, the income per capita was lower then many African countries. Watch where it is now. We shouldn’t look at the western world as our enemies,we should just simply improve ourselves. Japan had a direct enemy in US/Britain during WWII after the defeat they looked inward and got themselves into the level they are in now. The western world are not our enemies. Africa solve your problems and you’ll earn respect, stop playing victim”

You see this kind of reasoning, sounds intellectually correct, but flawed when we compare the history of the regions people are comparing. Analogy doesn’t mean reason. I replied to the comparison as follow:

1. First, None of the regions you are comparing Africa to have been occupied and put into slavery and colonialism for more than 5 centuries by European evil empires. During that period all African craftsmen, intellectuals, leaders have been killed or deported, and ALL cultural heritage destroyed. None of these things happened to these regions!

2. Second, None of those regions have been looted systematically like Africa has been by Europeans, and for 5 centuries. Now, go to European museums and private art collections and you’ll see all African heritage there. This is only the visible part of the looting. The economic looting are in banks and industries, therefore less visible.

3. There were no European settlers in those regions. Today, there are more Europeans in Africa than Africans in Europe. And those settlers owns and control most of the local economies. Read the article “Africans live on a continent owned by Europeans“.

4. Contrary to Europeans, who did not have any good will toward their occupied countries, America till the years 60s was a formidable force for Good in the world, specially in their second world war occupied territories in Asia. Koreans and Europeans benefits from this good will to build or rebuild after the Second world war. Check how France, Germany, Japan rebuilt with American help!

5. At a more deep level, people from those regions don’t have to face systematic and indoctrinated racism like Africans face all over the world. The modern worldwide racism against Africans was an intentional fabrication of European colonial countries. The racism agenda is continued nowadays with the poverty porn carried out by European NGOs.

6. Africans have no friendly Nation outside of the continent. They have to build all by their own, while still under permanent threat by French and British colonialists, mercenaries, and military forces.

I’m not saying all above things to mean We as Africans we will not prevail. We will. Our time will come, but false comparison are not what we need!

Contrary to what most people think, Africans are working hard to fix the continent. If only they could be left alone!

Like a friend from Cameroon wrote “This comparison propaganda has been well spread as a geopolitical scheme to first imply that African are just incapable of  doing anything good with themselves, and second to hide the dark side of the Europeans presence in Africa and the continued colonialism.”

Commenting the article “Africans live on a continent owned by Europeans“, a connection of mine wrote this:

“Mawuna, I have heard that line of thinking before. The concern about “Africans living on a continent Owned by Europeans” is misleading alarm. China has grown to become the world’s 2nd largest economy thanks to FDI from many western countries which decided to offshore manufacturing to China when their labour costs in the west went through the roof. Does that mean that China is now owned by Americans and Europeans? Not really. But the Chinese manufacture the goods and ship to the West, creating millions of jobs in China and exporting the goods to the West. The Chinese have now built up such huge foreign reserves that they are now lending to us in Africa to invest in infrastructure, paving the way for the day when manufacturing will shift to Africa when labour costs in China finally reaches a certain tipping point. That is the way that the world works.”

You see this kind of reasoning is fallacious and ungrounded, but sounds credible. Therefore I politely replied:

” You are wrong with China comparison, because all big Companies in China are owned by Chinese, not Europeans. Chinese own the factories. They produce for western companies. They make profit, and use that money for their development. In contrary most companies in Africa are owned by foreigners, who make the profit but send it back to their countries or offshore accounts. Read the article about the 1.4 trillions illicit financial flows from Africa to the West. You are speculative here, because your opinion is not grounded on data”

You see many Africans unintentionally repeat the propaganda they has been exposed to.

The last piece of comparison I’ve received compares African suffering to Jews suffering, but while Jews succeeded to emerge as a great nation and country, Africans are still failing.

A stranger wrote this to me:

“I think you may be on to something with your theory but how come these finest men and women from Africa have not produced significant accomplishments in America? One might argue slavery and subjugation but then look at Jewish people. They’ve been persecuted for centuries but have always produced enviable accomplishments wherever they settled.”

To this point, I simply replied:

“Jew were not put into slavery for 3 centuries, with all the benefits of their work going to enrich white people? Jews were not colonized for Two centuries with white people looting all their resources? Why ignorant people won’t just shut up!”

In the end, I think acting as myth-killer or propaganda buster is not the best role in a movie where most people prefer to stick to the comfortable lies. Some folks come to accuse me of “racism” against white people, because I tell it as it’s. It’s just ridiculous! I’m fighting for the right of Africans to be free like anyone else in the world!

Now, You might be wondering who are the presidents who were killed or put to death while in office. here they are (but you should add to this a long list of assassination of hundreds of  African activists)

Since 1963, the following 21 African presidents have been killed in office (with direct or covert involvement of colonial countries).

– 1963 : Sylvanus Olympio, Togo

– 1966 : John-Aguiyi Ironsi, Nigeria

– 1969 : Abdirachid-Ali Shermake, Somalia

– 1972 : Abeid-Amani Karumé, Zanzibar/Tanzania

– 1975 : Richard Ratsimandrava, Madagascar

– 1975 : François-Ngarta Tombalbaye, Chad

– 1976 : Murtala-Ramat Mohammed, Nigeria

– 1977 : Marien Ngouabi, Congo

– 1977 : Teferi Bante, Ethiopia

– 1981 : Anouar el-Sadate, Egypte

– 1981 : William-Richard Tolbert, Liberia

– 1987 : Thomas Sankara, Burkina-Faso

– 1989 : Ahmed Abdallah, Comores

– 1989 : Samuel-Kanyon Doe, Liberia

– 1992 : Mohammed Boudiaf, Algeria

– 1993 : Melchior Ndadayé, Burundi

– 1994 : Cyprien Ntaryamira, Burundi

– 1994 : Juvénal Habyarimana, Rwanda

– 1999 : Ibrahim Barré-Maïnassara, Niger

– 2001 : Laurent-Désiré Kabila, Congo-DRC

– 2011 : Mouammar khadafi, Libya

Here is the disproportionate ratio of African presidents who died in office since 2008 (with or without suspicion)




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