Discover the Speediest Mobile Internet Operator in Your Location

Joiku-SpeedIn Africa the main reason why people switch their Mobile Internet Operator is Speed. Now comes a handy tool called JoikuSpeed that would help you compare different operators in your location before you sign up.

According to JoikuSpeed survey as many as 40% of people are unsatisfied with the mobile broadband speed they get from their mobile operator. And, 80% of the unsatisfied population would switch their operator should they only know that other operators have better speed in their location.

In a country like Kenya, 99% of people access the Internet with their mobile phone and the top 3 usages are email, social media and conducting research. The median downloads speed hovers around 2 Mbps while uploads performs at 1 Mbps.

The Joiku service shows the average speed by operators as evidenced by users in a chosen location. JoikuSpeed logs speed evidence by operator and location from hundreds of thousands of mobile users worldwide. Operator results are not shown if there are too few data pointers in the speed evidence database for a certain location.

Here are the JoikuSpeed results for few African countries. You can check out more countries on their website:

1. Côte d’Ivoire



2. Democratic Republic of Congo



3. Egypt



4. Ghana



5. Kenya



6. Liberia



7. Madagascar



8. Nigeria



9. Rwanda



10. South Africa



11. Tanzania



12. Uganda




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