Decolored People

Decolored people are getting more and more colored.

The pale skin or the decolored skin is due to a lack of sun.
The pale skin, the blue, green eyes are due to recessive gene consecutive to prolonged life in cave without enough light, and sun.

If you’d put animals in cave for few years, a majority with change eye color and skin color due to lack of light and sun.

The melanized skin is the natural state of human skin.

According to a recent survey, Europeans in America are unlikely to give birth to blue/green eye kids over the next generation.

When white people call the rest of the world ‘colored people’ it’s not an insult, it’s because they themselves have been decolored.

If someone call you ‘colored person’, you call him or her a ‘decolored person’

Likely decolored people will slowly become colored during the next generations, for various reasons, including more sunlight.

For those bleaching their skin to become white, you are just heading in the wrong direction at the expense of your health.

Long live colors!

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