Debate on Africa Overpopulation

After my article in the Guardian on Africa overpopulation myths, many Africans repeating the international propaganda against Africa would say things like:

#1. “Africa doesn’t have the infrastructure to care about its population, that’s the reason why people say Africa is overpopulated”

RESPONSE: “So the USA and Europe first created their infrastructures (roads, hospitals, social security, police forces), then europeans men and women say “now we have everything to make more babies” and then they started to make more babies to use those infrastructures, right?

Is that how the population grew up in Europe to fit the available infrastructures?”

#2. “Africa population is small, and Africa still can not feed it, that’s why we say the continent is overpopulated”.

RESPONSE: “So after my article, you are now changing the argument about africa population. It’s not anymore that Africans are too many, but they are very few and they still can not feed themselves, right?
Son of bitch, listen, like money if you have little of it you can not do much with it. Humans are resources for societies to build up. When they are too little like in Africa, incentive for healthy competitiveness and drive is absent. The biggest issue here is that Africa population is too little.”

#3 “Overpopulation is about bad governance. Africa has bad governance, even if it has the resources to feed its population. Europe is overpopulated but has good governance, so it’s not technically overpopulated”.

RESPONSE: “Well, well, well. here we go again with another sophistry. So, Europe population started growing only after europe got good governance, good presidents, good kings and priests, right?

You, Stupid CA (Colonized African), you’d repeat any propaganda thrown at your little brain. Europe population grew out of control during the dark age, when famine was rampant, diseases everywhere, and the church was selling holy water to cure diseases.

Reason, why once they discovered more rich lands in America, Asia, Africa, they were millions to flee to have something to eat. Reason why there are today more Europeans outside of Europe than in Europe, their original habitat. If you’d bring those immigrants back to Europe, you’ll have a good idea of European over-copulation and uncontrolled birth rate.

The events did not happen in the steps that first Europe got good governance, then ask their women to make more babies because they are now ready to welcome more people.

Population growth ALWAYS precedes any infrastructure or good governance. We can even argue that population growth is always the trigger for good governance, because you need to manage better.

#4. “Europe is not overpopulated, people just love to go live in big cities. there are not so big cities in Africa”.

RESPONSE: So, you are saying first Europeans built empty cities, then ask people in rural areas to make more babies and send them to the cities, right?

Your brain seem to be toasted by low level education and voluntary stupidness. Go help yourself!

#5. “Africa is technically overpopulated, because it could not sustain itself. That’s the definition we should have for overpopulation.”

RESPONSE: I’m happy my article is making you change the definition of overpopulation overnight. Thanks for your open mindedness. Now who told you Africa could not sustain its population?

I’m sad to say, so many Africans have left their mind into the hand of propagandists which had made them into remotely controllable human beings. Most act as unpaid lawyers and defenders of the colonial masters and would repeat anything they would tell them as true.

CAs (Colonized Africans) are the most dangerous people for African renaissance. Check the dogs they have at home.

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About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of, Founder of, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at

2 Responses to “Debate on Africa Overpopulation”

  1. paul

    If African is so self reliant, why are so many Africans leaving African for the racist continents of Europe and North America.

    The only people saving the Blacks that are not in Africa are the white people.

    In the Caribbean the Latin American counties would love to take their ancestral land back from the negros, but the racist whites won’t allow it. All the islands, French Guiana, Guyana and Surinam.

    The negros are all over the world thanks to whitie, yet the blackies haven’t contributed sht to any of the countries they have invaded. The whites on the other had say what you will, has helped development… look all over the world for proof, the history might not be pretty, but the contribution is undeniable.

    Not too long ago Japan got two nuclear bombs dropped on it… look at Japan now, in Canada and the USA Japanese were sent to concentration camps and or deported (why does Brazil have the highest Japanese population outside of Japan) yet the Japanese in those countries still contribute without getting any favourable schooling, jobs and laws, welfare, housing, and all social programs catered to negros. Looks at negros, look at African.

    Truth is Africans didn’t build on what the racist, murderer, rapist pillaging whites left behind. The negros destroyed it, like they destroy any community they move into.

    Look at Japan, trains, automobiles, electronical technology, you name it, they excel, even after the while devil tried to erase it out of the map.

    Admit it, blacks are good for nothing. How could you build any civilizations if you can’t coexist in one already established.

    In the USA last year 2016, over 25,000 women were raped by black men, that would be about, under 100 black women were raped by white men.

    25,000 raped by a population of approximately 7,000,000
    100 raped by a population of approximately 100,000,000

    See how animalistic monsters negros are. In the USA the racist whites put 25,000 black men through a legal system, in other countries I know very well of, those would be 25,000 dead negros.

  2. German Observer

    Before I reply to MK, I first have to deal with yet another uneducated Africaner peasant. Paul, sorry to say this but you are full of shit. Black people did not “invade” the West Indies or South Amercia. Ever hear of the slave trade? And the Japanese were not “deported” to Brazil but migrated there of their own accord for economic opportunities. Your argument is completely incoherent and utter rubbish.

    Now MK, about your vision. I don’t even see the first part with Africa getting out the block and starting to race. Unless we convert the whole planet to a Marxist-type/equalitarian utopian world order, there will always be rich and poor countries. And the chips are heavily stacked against Africa joining the rich club. For one, wealth and prosperity is a relative concept. You are only ever rich in comparison to someone poor. Remind me why the world powers would swap places with Africa? The G8 (40% or global GDP) are firmly in the driving seat and well cushioned to get over the odd bump in the road for the next 100 years. The power structure in Africa is so backward (probably lagging ca 100 years behind) that it will inhibit any real progress well into the 22nd century. The bright minds your continent sure has will continue to emigrate, depriving your governments of capable leadership.
    And to make it all worse, slowly but surely…
    …the Sahara is growing,
    …Malaria, Ebola and other viral deseases are far from disappearing but rather developing immunity to known drugs,
    …you will notice that Chinese money just like Western money before it comes with strings attached
    …and the rising seas are threatening your densely populated coasts, which is where all your infrastructure is.
    I love Africa but the future unfortunately looks just as dark as the present.


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