Christianity is an inferior religion

Christianity is an inferior religion, compared to much deeper and healing spirituality like Vodun.

Vodun is based on more scientific principles wrapped in poetic transexastactic rites.

You can film a Vodun miracle ceremony. However, since cameras had appeared miracles had altogether disappeared in Christianity, and only fake testimonials are used.

You can film a Vodun ceremony where people are using knives to cut flesh which cures instantly or people bathing in flames while laughing. Most Vodun miracles are done in public, not a word spoken.

Now, take your camera and ask a Christian priest to perform a miracle from the Bible and they would only start talking instead of performing the miracle like change water in wine, or walk on water. Why Christians can’t perform miracles anymore, and in public like in their text books.

Why would Africans choose an inferior religion like Christianity when they already have something much better and superior?

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One Response to “Christianity is an inferior religion”

  1. Akinakinwolire

    Your observation about issues concerning miracles in christianity is true. However, not entirely accurate! There is virtually no religion around the world today that doesnot perform one or two supposedly ‘miracle(s)’; essentially, what captivates the attention of men to a particular god is the capacity of such God to meet his/her needs.

    Now, the ultimate description of Christianity is not in miracle because miracle as the case may be is only a sign..and not the ultimate goal in Christianity. There are lot of supposedly miracles being performed in d world today which your Vodun is also capable of doing. But the fact that you observe that there is a decrease in miracles performed by christian priests today does not altogther render Christianity powerless. An explicit command given by Christ himself to his disciples is that…”greater works shall ye do”. Greater miracles than walking on water or turning water to wine…my life speaks so much about miracles of God, yet not the distination. Christ is way deeper than that…

    The pointer you made that Christians only ‘talk’ is actually the ultimate tool employed used to win souls from perdiction and captivities of strange spirits like Vodun and the likes. The talk is called ‘preaching’. To the world it is foolishness, but for us it is the power of God.

    So ultimately a miracle performed is not an end in itself…but rather a means to an end. Do not get trapped in miracles. And this is one of the challenge faced in christiandom today…men are in search of miracles other than the true essence of the gospel.


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