Biopolitics: Pregnancy and Politics

A country which can not keep a secret for a minimum 3 years would never amount to anything, or would always stay a dominion for external forces.

A fetus needs to stay inside her mom for 9 months to become a baby. The 9 months isolation is necessary for it to mature to a full human being.

During that incubation period, the fetus requires protection from external elements, nurturing only the mom, and a long listed of forbidden behaviors and food restriction for a successful development.

In some countries, a new pregnancy is not announced, even to closest family members, before the end of the first 3 months. The long-held superstition said bad things could happen to the mother and the fetus if more people would know about the pregnancy too early.

The same belief spreads to business. Companies would keep their research and development projects secret for years, before anyone would be aware of it. Military plans have to be kept secret for them to be effective.

For centuries, farmers knows that a seed should go into the ground, stay without light, isolated for days or months before sprouting to mature.

In fact, anything with value exposed to light or made public too early will die off, or would never mature to full success.

On July 25, 1978, Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby was born in the United Kingdom, at Oldham General Hospital in Greater Manchester. It was a worldwide event celebrated not only by scientists, but also by the general public after years of research in vitro fertilization.

The second successful birth of a test-tube baby happened in India on October 3, 1978, just 67 days after Louise Brown was born. Her name was Durga.

On June 23, 1980, Australia’s first test-tube baby, Candice Elizabeth Reed, was born.

What about the US and France?

Tough the results of the scientific research on in vitro fertilization were widely shared in scientific magazines, doctors in the US and France were still failing their test-tube fertilization.

Only, 3 years after, on December 28, 1981, that the first American test-tube baby, Elizabeth Jordan Carr, was born, by Caesarean section.

4 years in trial, and despite intense public funding and support, french doctors were still unable to reproduce successfully an in vitro fertilization, until a benevolent British doctor whispered some magic words to the French doctors “At the moment of insertion of the sperm into the egg, you better do that in a dark room. That might improve your odds”.

The french did exactly that, and on February 24, 1982, the first french test tube baby, Amandine, was born in Antoine-Béclère de Clamart Hospital, in the parisian region.

Like the process of fertilization, ideas potential to mature depends on being kept secret, isolated from external influence, and nurtured only by the very people who have its success in their best interests.

By Analogy, the purpose of espionage is to abort other nations plans by exposing them very early to foreign knowledge and influence.

That fact is scientifically demonstrated, like in the video below (about 10 minutes long, but very enlightening):

The double split experiment in the video is used here to explain how espionage and mass surveillance are not at all about public security but state control, restriction of freedom, and covert war on foreign nations.

Innovation and creativity are not possible without privacy. Privacy entails life. The end of privacy is the beginning of police state and decadence of civilizations.

Most countries in Africa have almost no secret, which means no potential for life. As our affairs are managed by the IMF, the EU and the World bank experts, it’s impossible for our nations to act outside of their surveillance. That is not good!

Our leaders need to keep in mind that a nation which can not keep a secret for at least 3 years would never amount to anything, or would be only a dominion for external forces.


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