Bang-Bang: Genetic Bleaching is Cheaper and comes with More Benefits

The French policy to genetically bleach their black population.
Few decades ago, subtly, imperceptibly, the French government had started a social experiment to decrease the size of its black population by encouraging genetic bleaching.
Genetic bleaching is, often, an unconscientious choice of spouse with the intention to have children which skin color is less black, or not black.
The campaign used an array of actions to reach that goal:
#1. The french integration model marketing campaign: if you want to be successful in France you have to forget your origins, and melt inside the French culture. Those who try to keep their different identity are ostracized. The goal of any non-white is to integrate in the French identity.
#2. Interracial couples are the future: a lot of campaigns featuring biracial kids, stars, as model of success had been running long enough to trigger in the mind of the most recent generation of Africans in France that their best option for success is to have biracial kids. That part was well done by TV and bill boards marketing campaigns.
#3. Employment discrimination against black skinned candidates: among a pool of equally qualified candidates for the same job, the ones with fairer skin have higher chance to get the job.
#4. Beauty contests: in France, black is not beautiful. You won’t show up at a beauty contest with black skin. The only promoted black beauties are the biracial and light skins. Exception are there only to confirm the rule.
#5. Social discrimination based on skin color: a light skin African has a lot of social bonuses to places and privileges quickly denied to black skin Africans.
The results are in: in few decades from now, one can offer a million dollar bounty to find a couple of black Africans in Paris, or largely in France, and no one would come to collect.
In few generations the descendants of current black population would be mostly biracial, and another few generations of interracial marriages, and they would all turn white, and thus successfully eliminating the black population from the country, by whitening them.
It’s a long process, but those people know how to wait.
Those who would refuse to genetically bleach would become the residual caste of Africans like you now have in Iran, India, Vietnam, etc.
Do you plan to genetically bleach your children?
Does such population bleaching policies exist in other countries?
PS: True love exist beyond skin color. This post is to showcase a specific case of bleaching for social benefits and for political reasons, the same as many Africans bleach with chemical products for social promotion.

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