BRICS Bank: Any Better Hope for Africa?

To understand why the BRICS is a different and new banking dynamic, you need to identify and understand the nature of Empire in Africa. The corporate-owned mouthpiece of Empire,the media, will not have told you that colonialism/neo-colonialism in Africa is finally ending.

Colonialism did not end in the 1960s, it just mutated into an invisible/hidden read more

Ebola Diamonds

What do Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have in common?

Strangely enough more than just Ebola. Western Liberia is part of an Archaean age craton which spreads into Sierra Leone and Guinea. This type of rock strata is full of diamondiferous kimberlites.

What makes the diamonds of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia so special is that this is one of the rare regions in the world containing large alluvial diamonds, read more

Faith In Food

Memories stay with us for a reason, a few words spoken long ago, an image taken by the mind, kept and stored until understood.

Tonight we ate vegetable and lentil soup; as I emptied all too trustingly, the packet of lentils into the simmering vegetable, a childhood memory returned to me.

It was in the backyard in Zululand, South Africa, the Zulu woman I called `Gogo` had laid out sheets of newspaper onto which she had spread a packet of pinto beans and in a separate pile a packet of sugar and painstakingly she spent her time sifting through the contents checking for anything that should not be there.

In the name of convenience we trade too much. The news has become read more

The Long Term Effects Of Ebola

A European schoolchild was asked what they knew about Ethiopia.

The child answered that that was the place where everyone starved because there was no food to eat.

The child had never been taught about the delicious cuisine of Ethiopia, the world`s oldest castle-Gondar, the oldest Christian state, churches built out of solid rock, the Ark of the Covenant read more

Why aren't We Asking the Right Questions About Ebola?

As America works itself into a frenzy about Ebola and conspiracy theorists fan the flames of fear; many questions are not being asked about Ebola.
Why do we assume that it is perfectly normal for West African countries to STILL be in Third World conditions in the year 2014?

Asia, India, Brazil are the rising economic giants. South and Central America read more

The Medical Fascism Of Ebola

holy-waterTraditional healers, herbalists, those gifted in the art of true medicine, were burned at the stake in the medieval times of Europe. The Roman Catholic Church wanted people to only spend what little they had on buying `holy water` blessed from the font by an ordained priest. Times have not moved on as the giant pharmaceutical corporations have replaced the `holy water` with not only packaging but contrived side effects, contracting a patient for life.

According to a Sky News report of September 2014, a well-respected traditional healer who was involved in the treatment of Ebola patients from Guinea is being held responsible for infecting 365 people in Sierra Leone and the authorities are now `tracking read more