Formula to Destroy your African Mind " Willie Lynch Letter "

My fellow Africans who didn’t get caught and happened to stay in the Motherland, this is your Cousin Jeffrey Johnson whose family did get caught and was sent on the Big Canoe as most of my relatives would call it.

When you turn on your television to BBC, Aljazeera or even CNN and see the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson. You are witnessing the after read more

We need One Booming Voice

There will come a time
When black people wake up and become intellectually independent enough to think for themselves.
As other humans are intellectually independent enough to think for themselves
Then the black man will think like a black man and he will feel for other black people
And this new thinking read more

The Power of Black Women

In traveling to Asian, Muslim Countries and Eastern European countries you see young women constantly updating their appearance to some new Black American trend. It started with Pam Grier in the 70’s with her beautiful and 100% pure Afro.

Her cinematic grace caused seismic activity among women of color worldwide which made popular the afro which read more

Solidarity for Black Americans

Both of my Grand Fathers were in the US Air Force. One actually flew fighter planes in the second world war against the german army, the Luftwaffe. He was BLACK. In my family there are 6 doctors, one Graduate from M.I.T, and a surgeon to top it off. We are fiercely proud of our achievement.

I lived in an all-Black American upper middle class neighborhood read more