Are Europeans Violent by Nature?

Some people say Christianity had softened and dulled Africans.

I disagree.

The same Christianity has turned Europeans into beasts of conquests.

When they were killing Indians, it was in the name of Jesus.

When they were kidnapping Africans to sell in America, it was in the name of Jesus.

When they were terrorizing innocent people around the world, raping their kids and stealing their resources during two centuries, they were blessed by the pope and the Christian church was with them.

The right wings and racist conservative groups in Europe and America are all affiliated with the christian faith and use the Jesus cross as uniting brand.

The crusades of killing non-Christians and converting them was done in the name of Jesus.

How come do you accuse Christianity of making African noncombatant, passive, victims, while the same Christianity had awaken violence and conquest instinct in Europeans?

The same about guns. Do guns turn people violent?

Probably not.

Chinese discovered gun powder and made the first guns, but they did not go rampage to attack others nations or commit genocide with them.

Guns become a mass violence thing once the Mongols opened the road of China to Europeans and they discovered the deadly stuffs.

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