Africans Live On A Continent Owned by Europeans!

face-of-the-african-diasporaThe Dream of Europeans is to transform the whole continent into South Africa or Kenya, where a white minority owns and controls the local economy, while Africans are just good like consumers or their servants.

The subject is uncomfortable but we need to talk about it, otherwise we will wake up with more Robert Mugabe who is doing a great job redressing centuries of white minority domination and exploitation of Zimbabwean people.

Let’s take a look at South Africa, a country where the white minority makes less than 10% of the population but owns more than 80% South African lands and economy. They didn’t buy those lands.

In South Africa 64% of top senior management positions are filled by whites. 90% of the board of the Central Bank is made of the white minority. 90% of media is in the hands of Whites, who control content, project whiteness (local South African adverts have a 85% White representation) and marginalize and exploit Africans, with the exception of Africans being 86% represented in alcohol adverts. 97% of mainstream South African films are owned, produced and directed by non-Africans.

Africa without Africans is the dream of the local predatory, supremacist white minority.

A recent report  came to challenge the well spread idea that the West is pouring money into Africa through aid without receiving much in return. All in contrary, the report proved that Africa has lost up to $1.4 trillion in illicit financial flows to the West from 1980 to 2009. This amount is 233 times the 60 billions foreign “aid” Africa  supposedly receives every year from the West.

The illicit financial flows involve the transfer of money earned through corruption, bribes, tax evasion, criminal activities and transactions involving contraband goods. In the end, the report concluded  that those illicit financial flow are fast growing and are far exceeding money coming into the continent, therefore seriously undermining the continent’s development.

Now let’s be clear, those illicit  financial flow are organized by the very same foreign people who claim they come to help build Africa, the same people you and me see and meet everyday in Africa. They might be your employers, your friends or neighbors but that doesn’t change the nature of who they are and what they are doing.

Of course the local rich subalterns helping those folks got their big houses and cars, but Africa as a whole has no sustainable future with that model of development.

This is not different from colonial times! but it’s nicely called “Africa is Rising”.


“Multinational Corporations are  the New Colonisers in Africa”

wrote Lord Aikins Adusei

60 years after the fictitious independence declarations, Africa is still controlled by European expatriates, oil companies, military forces, Banks, etc. Some Africans think that is good for Africa. They are the rich subalterns. Some others think Africans must free themselves from that European colonialism, and fight for more local ownership.


Now, comes a country like Kenya, which was not under any apartheid system like South Africa, but most corporations in Kenya have whole foreign boards. Most the country economical assets are in the hand of a tiny white minority helped but a horde of local subalterns.

A Kenyan friend shared with me the background tale: “One only needs to read about the origins and activities of the London Rhodesia Group (Lonrho) formerly run by Tiny Rowland to really appreciate the gravity of the situation in Africa. Lonrho perfected the art of acquiring valuable productive assets across the continent by targeting corrupt leaders with gifts and naive locals with confusing agreements and subterfuge.

One of the greatest beneficiaries of this approach was former president Moi of Kenya who pretty much gave up much of the country’s agricultural and hospitality sector crown jewels in exchange for accounts in the Caymans and gifts for his entourage of sycophants. Think about the major economic activities in Africa – Mining, Oil, Agriculture, Banking,Telecoms – Then think of the companies carrying out these activities – DeBeers, Anglo Ashanti, Shell, BP, Exxon, Barclays, Stanchart, Vodacom, Del Monte…. Get the picture?


Huge tracts of land in sub-saharan africa are owned by foreign agricultural companies paying low wages and repatriating the profits back to the western world in the form of dividends and management fees. The one country that is doing things a little different is Nigeria. A good number of Nigerian companies are bidding for oil services work in newly discovered oil fields in East and Central Africa and I am sure we all know about Aliko Dangote and his conglomerate of companies anchored by his cement production behemoth.” Concluded my friend.


Another Kenya friend commented “I am not sure why. Part of it might be a little bit of the colonial mentality–thinking foreigners are better than Kenyans. Part of it might be the foreigners represent the interests of multinationals that have invested in these companies (certainly the case with subsidiaries of multinationals like Safaricom, Barclays, Standard Chartered et al).”

A third Kenya came in “Look at modern Kenya today, sons of colonial chiefs and collaborators are now rulers and billionaires maintaining the status quo is genetically coded in them. Their children go to the best schools either in Kenya or abroad all run by the white, how can we redeem ourselves!”

Another friend brought to our attention what is called White Code in Africa. He said

“White people stand with the white code. They only praise Black people or go near Blacks who serve their interest.” The latter are in  their medias, at their conferences, receive their Nobel prize and awards. This is how you know those who are working against the continent interest.

Those who refuse to work for them fall under the rule “You are with us or against us”

Angered by what is going on, another one rushed his anger out: “These white people who employed Blacks to do their filthy jobs are more racist than the kkk. They’re in Africa. They know exactly what they’re doing and how the system of racism operates.”

Every time, this subject get on our table of discussion, people points out to me many white people who are good people and are really working to help Africa. And, that’s true.

During a recent discussion, I’ve to write the following message to an Italian friend who don’t believe all white are “Devil with blue eyes!”

“It’s indeed an uncomfortable subject to talk about for all parties involved. The fact is that after 5 centuries, if Europe really wanted to help Africa, Africa should be in better shape.

As a general statement, Europe is only interested in exploitation of Africa. (again this is a general statement, because there are lot of people who are Europeans but really interested to build sane relation with Africans). The problem is that these people don’t matter, which means they neither have the power or access to resource to make any structural or substantial change. They are only individuals with good faith and goodwill, while the western power elite and apparatus is against any real Africa emancipation.

They prefer Africa laying down. It’s easier for them to suck it.

The same nations you are calling for help are in no way interested in Africa recovery or renaissance. The longer Africa is laying down, they better they can suck the blood out the continent and its people.

Our point is the following: What would you think if all decision levels in Switzerland will be hell by Chinese, and all major assets of the country in the hand of Russians. That’s is the case in majority of African countries. This why I wrote Africans live on a continent owned by Europeans. It’s not dependence, but colonization, because it’s a situations where European use brutal military force to maintain corrupted leaders who only will help them exploit the continent.

Africans are now only guest on their own continent.  In fact, there is more to this debate that an email could carry. In conclusion, Africans like any other people need friends, but trust will be hard to earn back after 5 centuries of European machiavelism.”

You have no friend. Naivete is your curse. Only the Paranoid survive!

Beware, not all people who want to help you are your friends.

A Facebook commentator wrote “All the drums beats are now about Africa rising, Growth, Growth, Growth! Africa is the future. African governments want to attract investors. And they would do anything for that”

However a friend replied:

“Growth isn’t that important. After all, the economy of the American South “grew”, but were black slaves better treated as a result?

Viability of African nations wont depend on impressive growth figures (I’m talking to the Harvard MBA crowd), but on fairness and inclusion. The moral case for nationhood is more important than the economic case for nationhood. Don’t be deceived by “Africa Rising” narrative. So the point isn’t about how many articles @HarvardBiz does on “Africa Rising”, but whether Africans will want to LIVE in Africa in future. Our society is in terminal decline, and a new society wont emerge from advocacy, but learning past lessons. By refusing to educate the next generation, we are handing over Nigeria to foreigners & children of the elite – they will pick up AK 47s.” – wrote  Okwu Nwachinaemelu

Another connection continued: “There is nothing wrong in doing business with Europeans or foreigners but I think we need do more partnerships and less monopolyships/oligarchyships.”

Yes the subject is very sensitive and emotional, but emotions are necessary to trigger actions. My goal is to make my fellow Africans understand that currently they are only guests on their own continent. All levels of economical power are held by Europeans.

Wake up: Don’t paint the chains into Gold. Remove them instead.

Because it’s difficult to take off the chains, you might prefer to paint them in gold. The pain will not go away with the new color.


Steve Bantu Biko, wrote

“Black man, you are on your own.”

“In the old Benin empire, the Portuguese used to trade Boxes of sugar, White wine, and salt for hundreds of slaves, and it continues to the present, where multi-national oil cooperations would come in and dig in their drilling rigs and pay the federal government large sums of money to keep mute and turn a blind eye, while the local communities suffer the environmental pollutions caused by the oil spillage.” pointed a Nigerian contributor.

As Kwame Nkrumah has warned us:

“Capitalism is but the gentlemen’s method of slavery.”

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About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of, Founder of, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at

59 Responses to “Africans Live On A Continent Owned by Europeans!”

  1. Ndirangu Mwaura

    Where do you get this stuff from???? We here in Africa are not victims. In Kenya which you incorrectly claim, that did not have an apartheid system which it did have, the largest banks, supermarket chain, are all African owned. Diaspora remittances from the west are far larger than profits repatriated by the few western firms here. Again we are not victims.

  2. Mawuna R. Koutonin

    Please check your numbers, because your wrong.
    Also, I think you really don't know what business ownership is. It's not because the cashier is Kenyan that business is owned by him!

  3. K.d. Bramwell

    The Africans benefiting from the system of colonialism will come out to defend it, just as the article suggests. Look at it happening here in the comments section. Naive Africans.


      Good Work Mawuna.


      I am nineteen years old.

      I help my mum and dad to work on their farm and I do as I’m told.

      I love to hunt, roast my catch before it gets cold.

      Apparently, the hunting game is only for the bold.

      So I was told by, a feeble old man who died from cold.

      I lurk behind the straw bushes for my prey.

      Patiently tip toeing, hoping the bush doesn’t sway.

      But if it does, that’ll only cause my prey to go astray.

      Yet, I can only pray my traps do their jobs, that’s if my prey goes that way.

      And all this while, I am just nineteen,

      with the zeal to play this game and win.

      I keep my smile and a stubble face, the ladies love it, so they smile back.

      They love it when I come home with the game, I portray the Adam figure, they murmur, “with him, I won’t lack”.

      And when all is set, I could get their belly to arc.

      Lo and behold, I drew some “strength” from Noah to build an Ark.

      All this, I imagined, only to have it all taken away from me.

      Now, I pay a huge price to be free

      I am just nineteen years old with a vision.

      I love hunting, ’cause it comes with lots of goodies. However, while I lurk and tip toe, I am a prey for a bigger hunter.

      Ignorantly, I walk into their traps; this is why I call it the hunting game. Whoever is entrapped is the loser.

      In this wilderness, I am the game and I’ve just been played

      There have been rumors of missing abled tribesmen of my community. So, communing ones emotions with the gods for protection was advised in the absence of companions.

      Aaadjeeiiii! (I screamed), but it was just as loud as a voice in the wilderness, and round and round my eyes swirled to sleep into a long deep sleep I’ve never had. The same weapon I use for hunting has shot me.

      To my awakening, I heard the whistling of the winds while my arms swung freely. That sounds peaceful, but undesirably, i woke up from a thorny bed crafted rudely with bad intentions.

      My eyelids flapped slowly and I realized I’m in a trap. It got so scary and remembering all the spooky stories of lost abled men, it just got real for me.

      To be Free, isn’t freedom, It would have been a swift victory for me if it were. The – dom has been taken off by an unlawful decree.

      I’m just nineteen years old and I’m in chains.

      They stood me up; to my surprise my own tribesmen have locked me at the neck and hands.

      Now, it’s crystal clear that the sting from the shot wasn’t from my own weapon, but from my so-called tribesmen.

      I gazed upon the shores where a flock of squawking seagull converged to feast around the huge canoe the coloured people came with, it could be their happy moment. I on the other hand wondered how I got here, if it’s a nightmare, I needed to wake up from it.

      My tribesmen frowned at me but smiled at the colored people who encroached my community with a new doctrine and demanded us to accept it. I felt betrayed just like the kingpin they boldly talked about from their books. Metaphorically, this chains i found myself in is my crucifixion.

      The colored people came to my village, my community and met royalty. They narrated vividly tales of a man, the kingpin who was crucified to save his people from sin, because he loved them. Where I stood at that moment in chains, i felt like the kingpin. There was a clear relation in both our ordeals.

      I loved my people too, but they turned against me. Both situations had a factor, which was / is ignorance and greed. Gluttony squeals within all culprits in both situations, hence they dine with pigs and continue to linger in the dirt.

      My King and Queen opened their doors for the coloured people because of their weird inventions unknown to my community. In retrospect, they were ghost at the feast.

      They commanded we bow and close our eyes for a “prayer” to the God of the heavens and cunningly stole from us. “There is something wrong with your character if opportunity controls your loyalty”, the fair coloured man, white supremacist has a corrupted character.

      In fact, If Evolution really exist, I guess the so-called Black race was the last to evolve from a “monkey” to Human being and/or still going through evolution in the eyes of the White supremacist, the colored people. (Who the cap fit, let him wear it)

      I was treated like a beast (human or beast, What’s the difference), lashed and pushed towards the coast to a ship loading to sail the high seas. They’d shoot and leave you for dead when you impede the parade, forgetting your hands and neck are in a shackle.

      I started to count my steps, 1, 2, 3, 4 … paused at 9 and then I reversed to the numbers I’ve mentioned. At 10, I joined 1 and 0 and at 11, I joined 1 and 1. Respectively at 12, 13, 14, …, 19. till I were forced onto the ship.

      I am just nineteen years old and now a slave.

      To Be Continued …


    • Mustafa Elamin

      We have the same problem here in the states of america. The colonized blacks will not only defend the devil but quick to kill you to defend them.and the leaders are handpicked by the same devils they are at an advantage bcuz you brothers and sisters are at home and are the must update your weaponry but first you must thin the herd,meaning you have to get rid of those who are ambiguous to the fight for they pose the biggest threat.we are counting on you bcuz it is unsafe for us here and the devils know something is about to happen where their guns will be ineffective so they have to make alliances with those of us who are colonized.

  4. Roi Ellison

    This is heavy material, heck a heavy reality that many are to foolish and blind to absorb mentally and conciously. I have often said history is the greatest revealier of truth. The Africa problem will never be solved through the U.N. or by any banking system, loan or AID. we americans we over romanticise about things that we've seen on the big screen, and I am guilty of this as well, however i have been advocating to people for yours to comprehend why Africa the richest contenent on the earth is so dis-infranchised so full of turmoil, and if you look at its history and all that it has continued to produce for the world, but not for itself its obvious the thieves not only are still present and thriving but now posing as the very voices and people with ideas to save and rise up. the hand that is feeding africa is poisoning her every chance

  5. E Swanepoel

    I am a “European” African. My ancestors came here in the late 1600’s. I have some insight into what I want. I want to earn money to pay my bond and live a normal life and I want the opportunity for my children to do the same. That is all, no hidden agenda. And strangely enough, I want the same for all my countrymen.

  6. TRUTH

    white people were not on this planet as it was blacks before anyone so whites need to take a hike or get massacred!very first civilization was Africans.

    • Rory in London

      Right. What insight. With such intelligence and humanity it’s clear why Africans are running the world.

  7. Darko Opoku - Addo

    Ndirangu Mwaura, who are you?? By the way that was a rhetorical question so don't answer . Answer this though; what are you talking about? The question Mawuna asked was ; how remittance and ownership are connected here? You are what is earlier described as a subaltern or what we popularly called a snitch. Either way, people like you throw dust into the eyes of people like us who feel like there is something wrong with the way our continent is being run. And when such brilliant and eye opening articles such us this from Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN get to us, we begin realise were the real problem stem from only for your likes to try and confuse us with such comments. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Darko Opoku - Addo

    Frank Simmon, American Black?? Really?? Lol, smh!! Wow!! You think there are no African blacks on our black continent to 'think out of the box' as you put it? Last time i checked Kwame Nkrumah and all the guys who were killed as a result of their fight to liberate Africa where African sons born and raised in Africa.

  9. Lazarusl Njoroge

    Darko Opoku – Addo
    This is a vital conversation,Africa's inconvenient truth even.
    Being Kenyan i could not generally disagree more with my brother Ndirangu Mwaura as by and large the article accurately captures the underlying silent truth about the Kenyan economic landscape.

  10. Nzingha Shabaka

    Mwaura Brother I hope it is not this bad. But it surely does open my eyes more, of what is happening in Africa. If only we can get more leaders like President Mugaba.

  11. Ndirangu Mwaura

    Mawuna R. Koutonin I see that you are not an economist. The connection is this, westerners come to Kenya and set up businesses and repatriate the profits. We Kenyans go to the west, make money and repatriate it back to Kenya. The current figures show that we benefit more than the west, dollar for dollar. This process of economic exchange is called trade.

    I appreciate what you are trying to do, after all, I do follow your blog. However, if you are to be taken seriously and grow the blog, you have to give accurate and balanced information. Otherwise everything comes off as propaganda attracting fringe elements only.

    I am the author of Kenya Today: Challenges in Post colonial Africa. I'm currently finishing up on another book titled 'How the West Lost Africa' So I am in no way an apologist for neo colonialism and cultural imperialism. But for us to be successful, our information must be very well researched and without any unreasonable bias.

    When you post articles like these, the scholar is forced to be dismissive because the article is poorly researched, it quickly shows that its author has not even visited Africa. It is too simplistic. In addition, these articles reveal an attitude that most scholars would find to be paternalistic, arrogant and outrageous.

    • mm Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

      Would you please share your numbers?
      1. how much trade Kenya has with UK, Israel? What is the balance you are talking about?
      2. How many major companies are owned by Kenyans in UK?
      3. How many Kenyans sit on the board of Big UK companies?
      4. how many acres of lands Kenyans owns in UK?
      5. How many British are employed by Kenyans people?

      I think as economist, you can help with hard number, and clarify the trade terms for us.

    • Rory in London

      Interesting points, mate. Are there any (free) online links to your work? Sounds interesting.

    • Matias

      Ndirangu, it is also true than the money is not really repatriated to Kenia as a final destiny, because people spend it back in the supermarket.
      As you can appreciate, supermarket owners live in the west and are very rich, and their customers in Kenia are not so lucky.

  12. Ndirangu Mwaura

    Lazarusl Njoroge I am not sure whether you are a trained economist, but if you are, then you must surely realise that the richest people in Kenya are the political elite. They control 55% of the economy. Western companies have largely withdrawn from the country.

  13. Ndirangu Mwaura

    Nzingha Shabaka This article is captures the Africa/Kenya of 1980s. Today the West is not a significant economic player. With the opening up of the economy western firms lost their state monopolies and largely fled. Even shell&BP sold because they could not survive competition from indigenous petroleum product retailers. In the financial sector, foreign owned banks control a mere combined market share of 22%. The rest are Kenyan owned. So things are not as bad, but we still have some way to go in totally liberating our economy.

  14. Kepha J Ngito

    I am a Kenyan and i agree with Koutonin. Ndirangu, Truth is not always shrouded in statistics. Truth is a subjective matter at times. Academic writing denies us much truth as focus is always placed on the style rather than the content. I actually consider it a very subtle form of oppression. Suppression of expression. Koutonin's piece is the kind of writing we need in Africa. One that provokes a sleeping mind and upsets the traditional 'standards of writing.' There is also something known as audience research. Issues of social nature that affect large populations must be presented in a way they can consume them. Unless of course your target consumer group is a bunch of proffessors. Finally, it is not about the writer, but the writing. One doesn’t have to be living in Africa to write about Africa. When you write on issues of social justice, one cannot be academically neutral. One is rarely neutral at all. My favorite quote says “Writing springs from the wounded depths of a writer’s conscience.” Eduardo Galeano.

    Kenya has one of the highest inequality gaps in the world. The wealth in Kenya is concentrated in the hands of a few local elite and non-Kenyans. Nairobi is almost an expat city. Local Kenyans are to be found in slums around all the major cities. Nairobi alone 'boasts' of more than 20 slums. One wonders many things. In fact the recent ICC case threatening Kenya's presidency has taken an interesting twist. Word being whispered on the street is that there are enough economic and political ties vital for some western states that Kenya has threatened to cut if the western powers push us too hard. You see. It is known as 'crony-capitalism' A quid pro quo arrangement where elite African leaders do business (mostly for personal gain or protection) with the western countries and among themselves at the expense of the African populations.

    • John Bull

      Africans make me laugh. As soon as you got your independence virtually every African country alligned themselves with extreme left/communist countries. This experiment failed and now you blame the West.

  15. Bill Goddard

    corporations. capitalism etc sure are the evils as overriding mechanisms for 'de-spiritualisation' and the pursuit of these drag the racial divide into focus and with more than enough reason BUT with the information unfolding more each day and the readership that these idea reach, we should careful not pile it on race as the fight goes beyond that, beyond the borders we have built in our minds and on land as a species, ideas of ourselves and interpersonally. the scale of nature in all its forms and far off planets, within the planes we know of and without leaves 'africa for africans' and other passions sounding like short sighted ideas which will only lead back to same point we are at – our universe and beyond is/are way too dynamic for fear-based solutions like that, with all due respect.

    • Charles

      Yes. Although the elaborate matrix of reality built and sustained by the elite is too dense for most to see through. This is slowly changing though and soon enough it will be possible for most to transcend this density and duality as a whole

  16. Jay Gil

    Ndirangu Mwaura. "Lies, damned lies, and statistics!". A quick google search of the richest kenyans will show that half of them are of Indian descent. The richest Kenyan is Vimal Shah – check his facial features, and hair texture, it's quite obvious that he is not an indigenous Kenyan, neither are any of his family members or his descendants. It's not surprising the more wealth is repatriated back to Kenya. It ends up in the pockets of the Elite Kenyans, and not much of it flows to the bottom of the economic pyramid.

    The same can be said for many African nations, Uganda (so much for Idi Amin's efforts), South Africa, and even Zimbabwe. Not so much Nigeria though.

    There are foreigners, there are citizens of foreign descent, and then there are citizens of native descent. In many of these African nations, it's the two former groups where all the wealth is concentrated.

    The same thing happens all over the world in fact. In Nazi germany, prior to WW2. Hyper inflation wiped out the Germany middle-class, and the Jews (citizens of foreign descent) owned 30% of all the property in that country, owned 90% of the private banks, owned the media…

    Even in the western world the top 1% own a huge amount of the economy. However, the only difference is the top 1% in the US, or Europe, more closely resembles the majority population (i.e. Same race/ethnicity). The top 1% are largely indigenous, have lived in the country for millennia and their wealth more easily flows through the population.

    The rich list for India, China, and most of the developing world outside of Africa is comprised of indigenous peoples. Which means good prospects for those countries.

    Nigeria is one of the few countries in Africa which seems to have avoided this problem. Indigenous Nigerians seem to run their country. They are in control of their own destiny.

    Now, something interesting… I'm British, but no doubt Americans, Canadians, and many others living in the western world would've observed how Indian and Chinese immigrants do very well academically and economically when arriving in western countries. Interestingly Nigerians have also managed to replicate this exact same success, and in fact have done so better (there are countless stories of Nigerian kids in the UK setting new academic records. Even doing better than the Indians and Chinese). So why is this?

    Well in actual fact. Kenyan, Ugandan immigrants also did very well in the UK. We call them Indians 🙂 Not quite sure how South African immigrants have fared, but most South African & Zimbabweans in the UK are white.

    Imagine if all countries in Africa shared the same socio-economic profile of Nigeria. – Sure they might not be as wealthy as White South Africa. But there would be a lot more indigenous African billionaires. Furthermore, the western world have far more academically successful blacks of African descent. Perhaps more than the number of Western Indians and Chinese?

    • Mustafa Elamin

      It’s not some supreme badge of honor to excel in a western world if you’re african.the reverse is true because if European learned humanity and benevolence,which were birthed in the Motherland, they would be thought of as good bcuz they would BE good.

  17. Ndirangu Mwaura

    Jay Gil What you have observed is correct and unfortunate. I have pondered this situation and here's my two cents. First of all economic dominance of African economies is mostly by descendants of foreigners. However getting rid of them brings about a difficult dilemma. In the case of East Africa the Indians are the vanguard of local industrialization, they are the sharp edge of technical development. If we kick them out, the economy will collapse since majority of African Kenyans are too incompetent to start or run major enterprise.

    It is exactly similar to immigrants in the West who do very well, in fact better than most native westerners not only academically but also economically. Native Africans have proven to be inept at successfully harnessing modernity to become rich. In the case of Kenya, no Indian stops or prevents any African from starting a business. Therefore, destroying the Indian will not make African owned businesses more successful.

    The sad reality is that many African businesses in Kenya do not even get clients from fellow Africans, because we have a well earned reputation for corruption, incompetence, general dishonesty and unprofessionalism. In the construction industry, for example, African contractors will almost always do a shoddy job. Most African constructed roads last until it rains, which is why Chinese contractors have taken over the market overnight, coz they don't cut corners on quality. Hence most Africans investing in real estate will give an Indian or Chinese contractor business. This is how Indian businesses have grown.

    The good news is that more African businesses are becoming professional and are moving from simple entrepreneur structures and into complex corporations. Nigeria may not be the best example to use as a model to be emulated. Please visit that country first before praising its corrupt oligarchy.

    The problem with Africa is not foreigners, but Africans. We have failed to grow up, we have refused to industrialize opting to import, we have rejected development in favor of begging for aid. It no longer washes, 50 years after political power was attained, to blame anyone but ourselves.

    • Patrick Kuria

      Ndirangu, You have summarised the truth about Kenya’s situation and I also agree Nigeria is not an example to emulate in terms of economic direction it has not even achieved 20% of its potential due to the same challenges facing Kenya but theirs are on much bigger scale.

  18. Earl Harper

    I understand where you are coming from. You're probably one of the beneficiaries of the exploitation that is occurring in your country. From your photos it seems like you are from a wealthy background, and there fore reaping the benefits of the subjugation of your people. If not, i dont understand how then that you could call this article racist. Can you dispute any of the facts that are in this article,or are you coming just from an emotional guilt trip ?

  19. Colm Maguire

    This white man, me here, I don't see myself in the white men you have described in this piece. But thank you for your teaching.

  20. Norbert Onek

    I have liked your argument and think you know something about Africa .All that is going on was planned decades ago and for Africans to reverse this is nearly impossible.This is because it needs decades to reverse and with consistency.
    At least the Arabs were wise and have tried to fight using OPEC with some results.
    Our greatest African leader,only hope -Gadaffi tried to fight for a continent only to be let down by his own personal ambitions and greed.But atleast he tried and knew how Africa was and is losing.
    The US controls the world because they heavily invested in the military and can shake off any opposition.Power controls economic resources and i don’t see how Africa can develop this power with the US and Europe concealing all the latest technologies.
    How can one explain a country like Uganda with a mere budget of USD 5 billion and GDP of only 15 billion USD rising against super powers where a single individual can fork out the entire country’s budget.
    We are talking about countries with budgets in trillions of dollars

    We Africans should also not lose sight of how Europeans can totally crash the whole of Africa if they so wanted. At least for now they are sucking it dry without completely destroying it.

    I believe change can begin with Africans knowing the truth because an opportunity for us to redeem ourselves can present itself,an example being Russia engaging NATO.

    I Love Africa and we have massive potential but the whole system of everything including the monetary system doesn’t favor us. I only hope guys like you Mawuna can continue to enlighten some people

  21. Colm Maguire

    The is the start of the article " The Dream of Europeans is to transform the whole continent into South Africa or Kenya, where a white minority owns and controls the local economy, while Africans are just good like consumers or their servants" Do you see the words, Europeans, and the word White minority? Did you read through the article and see at least two other images about white people ? Do you understand that the article is about how people in africa are responding to White ownership? White ownership means white man. Would you not agree? Or are you trying to make some obscure point ? Or are you trying to imply that I have no right to make comment because I am not African? Your comment is either a waste of time, or insulting to your own intelligence in my opinion. Could you clarify please ? I find it easier if you make a point that is actually correct or can be debated with rather than a factually incorrect statement. Thanks. 😉

  22. BrainyBlackyHelly

    Asians, Indians, Whites–all just need to be pushed the hell out. Africans need to leave to trust themselves in their ability and potential and continue to work hard to organize themselves for complete independence and power.

  23. Siyanda Masango

    Love the part about painting of chains gold because we are too afraid to take them off. A lot of black South Africans are like this, they say they are progressive thinkers instead of admitting that they are part of the problem. Brilliant article once again.

  24. Spiritualtemple Ofamenra

    It is the Black Africans on the continent of Africa, that must fight and strike the first blow against
    any foreigners on there land that are not black.

    Wither he, or she calls them self, a white european, or a white arab they must go

    This struggle needs to be for true liberation of the Land. This struggle would be a long, eternal one.

    The black men, and women must also teach. This to their children, and there children's, children, this is a fight against evil, and against all eternal enemies of black people. Africa, and these words.

    In marriage, all black African women, must be for the black man. And all black men in marriage must be for a black woman.

    No black children can be adopted by foreigners, and no gay men, or women can adopt black African children.

    All of the best Land, must be for the black African men, and his black wife, and their black children. The land is not for sale
    to people that are not black. And black people can not buy it for, or give it to, people that are not black.

    All of the best water, must be for the black African men, his black wife, and their black children.

    All of the best food, must be for the black African men, his black wife, and their black children.

    All of the best clothes, must be for the black African men, his black wife, and their black children.

    All of the best Weapons, must be for the black African men, his black wife, and their black children.

    The black man and woman must at some time in the future manufacture their own weapons of war. Guns, airplanes, cars, trucks
    And Ships owned designed and made by black Africans on the continent of Africa.

    Separation is the answer not Integration, you can not Integrate with a Poisonous Snake.

    Black men, and woman your from Africa, your the lion, and Lioness. And the white man, and woman is the hyena. So study the nature of the two. You can not integrate a Lion, or Lioness with a hyena.

    From: Nubian Imhotep Africa.

    I'm on Facebook at :
    spiritualtemple ofamenra


    C'est les noirs africains sur le continent africain, qui doit combattre et frapper le premier coup contre
    des étrangers sur terre là qui ne sont pas noirs.

    Dépérir, il ou elle les appelle soi-même, une européenne blanche ou un blanc arabes, qu'ils doivent se rendre.

    Cette lutte doit être pour la vraie libération de la terre. Cette lutte serait longue et éternelle.

    Les hommes noirs et les femmes doivent également enseigner. Cela à leurs enfants et il ya de l'enfant, enfants, il s'agit d'un combat contre le mal et contre tous les ennemis éternels de la population noire. L'Afrique et ces mots.

    Dans le mariage, toutes les femmes africaines noires, doit être pour l'homme noir. Et tous les hommes noirs dans le mariage doivent être pour une femme noire.
    Aucun enfants noirs ne peuvent être adoptés par des étrangers et aucun homme gay ou femmes peuvent adopter des enfants africains noirs.

    Toutes les meilleures terres, doivent être pour les hommes noirs africains et sa femme noire et leurs enfants noirs. La terre n'est pas à vendre
    pour les personnes qui ne sont pas noirs. Et noirs ne peuvent pas pour l'acheter, ou le donner à, les gens qui ne sont pas noirs.

    Tous le meilleur de l'eau, doivent être pour les noirs africains, sa femme noire et leurs enfants noirs.

    Tous les meilleurs aliments, doivent être pour les noirs africains, sa femme noire et leurs enfants noirs.

    Tous les meilleurs vêtements, doivent être pour les noirs africains, sa femme noire et leurs enfants noirs.

    Toutes les meilleures armes, doivent être pour les noirs africains, sa femme noire et leurs enfants noirs.

    L'homme noir et la femme doivent à un certain moment dans l'avenir fabriquer leurs propres armes de guerre. Canons, avions, voitures, camions
    Et navires appartenant conçus et fabriqués par les noirs africains sur le continent africain.

    Séparation est la réponse non intégration, vous ne pouvez pas intégrer avec un serpent venimeux.

    Noirs hommes et femme votre d'Afrique, vous êtes le lion et lionne. Et l'homme blanc et la femme est la hyène. Donc étudier la nature des deux. Vous ne pouvez pas intégrer un Lion ou lionne avec une hyène.

    À partir de : L'Afrique Imhotep nubienne.

    Je suis sur Facebook à :
    spiritualtemple ofamenra

  25. Jenya Parsley

    Colm Maguire The article contains facts. Can you beat that? After reading the article we, as white europeans, have two options – to ignore it with "it's not about me", or to think about how we can help those who suffer thanks to the harmful myth about the white supremacy(from which we keep on benefiting)… we can at least help spreading awareness about the facts about the Africa's current situation. You called my comment "a waste of time or insulting to my own intelligence". That's quite humorous.

  26. Colm Maguire

    Jenya Parsley once again, what is your point? "this article is about African peoples" ? Can I beat what? Speak for yourself when you say 'we as white Europeans' White supremacy is not a myth. You contradict yourself and still cannot answer why you posted such an inane comment in the first place.

  27. Adewale Sogunro

    Colm Maguire …this is a hard pill to swallow but at the end of the day the political and economic structure that Western nations are striving to establish, as in South Africa, will eventually benefit white Europeans, even you, at the detriment of black Africans. To even protest the implications of white supremacy and bigotry exemplifies your denial of white privilege. The structural reality constructed by white Europeans is meant to benefit whites whether on an individual or collective level, you can deny it all you want but its the reality.

  28. Shane Josef

    LOL! So black people have the best everything, and everyone else has nothing but shit? What a racist.

    Heres some Racism for you. Those guns and trucks you wanted built in Africa – guess what. Those are European Inventions 😉

  29. Munya Bang

    When I read things of this nature and the predictable feelings of anger, resentment and injustice give way to clear and present thought. I wonder whether given the power and influence of an african leader. Given the choice of millions of dollars for my family to inherit, would I give up the sovereignty of my people's land in exchange for riches. I would say yes, but in my heart of hearts, with such a temptation so easily within my grasp? I could never say for sure.

    Where we go from here? Educate our children to make sure that we breed active minds in the struggle against inequality. Public demonstration will also be key. Cameroon has now outlawed this. A terrible sign and maybe a sign of things to come. I fear for things to come I am excited at the possibility of rising above these fears and building a thriving continent for future generations of white black brown and oriental people to enjoy and share in.

    The challenge now is to reverse first the mindset and and then the deeply embedded consequences of slavery. The key I suspect, somewhat ironically for both natives and european(and otherwise) immigrants, will be in completely letting go of those old social and economic dynamics and perceptions in order to move forward and present new policies and ideas that enrich the continent and work towards maintaining a continental wealth enjoyed by the people. I wouldnt rule out an african unification and currency as this kind of unity would make it difficult for external corporations to penetrate corrupt and exploit.

    Ultimately the fate of Africa will come down to the extent to which our leaders are able to enact laws that empower the people and maintain their integrity when challenged or propositioned by other countries and corporations alike.

  30. delwayne owens

    God bless in our struggle of equality 3200 yrs of Egypt ruling the world was not by accident the power lies in unity of the people and the God that scattered the people will unite them for his caused

    • Mshaw

      Koutonin sometimes you can’t rescue people that don’t have the sense to know their in prison and be oppressed you just have to keep it moving on to the folks that will listen and receive the message in a positive but very conscious fashion.

  31. Oupa G Lefika

    Changing the mindset of our next future leaders today would be a great start in taking Africa back to the Africans.

    Colonization forced our African leaders to fight for “Independence” and with that came separation within Africa. why do i need a passport to go around Africa when I am a born and bred African ?

    “divide and rule – the policy of maintaining control over one’s subordinates or opponents by encouraging dissent between them, thereby preventing them from uniting in opposition”

  32. Steve Honest

    Wake up African people, what you are asking is against nature and evolution of Human
    If you take a close look at nature as you should do, You will find that Nature is very un even and
    an forgiving.
    the Strong always take over the week, or better yet; wipes out the week all together.
    Now, weakens is not physical as you might thing, it is all mental.
    to put is in a very simple terms: “The more intelligent and knowledgeable you are the more powerful you become in nature.”

    Yes you are correct, the white man is controlling you like, a parent controls their babies.
    Since, for the white man you are no more then an ignorant baby with nothing useful to show for.

    What you must understand is that this is the true nature of our world, If you are NOT at the same
    mental capacity and can not manage your life at the same level as the European white peoples.
    you will still be under their control for as long as you “bring yourself up “ to their intellectual and technological knowledge.

    You have two choices:
    first one is what you are dong right now, which is cry and complain that you are getting screwed up by the “Giant white corporation” that sucks you dry and leaves you poor.
    obviously complaining and crying does not solve your problems so far.
    Second choices is to take responsibilities for your own life and improve your education
    and mange your life to match up with the European people.
    Only then you will become free and happy in life.

    If is not the European bad guys that put you in your position ! It is you and only you that
    chose to be ignorant all of these years (thousands of years) and behave like little babies that
    always need Help from the BIG white peoples.

  33. curt

    this guy steven honest is a dick head african people are not weak and never will be many europeon counrties have tried to wipe out africans and will forever fail we are smart and resourceful people and to be honest we should strive to be the total opposite of the invading culture destroying rapist slavers of past and present and forge a world where you are not hated for being from the mother land if the world where the comment section africa would be first

  34. Pamela Yellowe

    Let My People Go! Should be the new sing and logo that identifies Africans and Blacks struggle against those who rig the entire banking system, legal system, and media to continously rob their natural resources under the pretense of helping them. It’s clear, after all this time, the intention of the multi nationals and charities are not to help. Watch Poverty Inc. It expand it. Let my people Go!!!!


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