I'm afraid of NGOs, Really!

psychopaths-at-work-2China lifted 800 millions people out of poverty during the last 30 years without all the mambo-jambo falseness and posture of the humanitarians and NGOs.

It’s the biggest and the fattest reduction of poverty ever in history of humanity. Even in Africa, reduction of poverty is a derivative of the Chinese growth, not any NGOs work.

The failure of the NGOs’ model plagued with criminality and huge corruption, led recently to the creation of another model called social business or social entrepreneurship, which is a kind of doing business but with the humanitarian mambo jumbo of caring about the poor.

If it’s business, it’s for profit. (not need to hide behind some humanitarian language).

Anyone who has been in any successful business knows how profit-making acts like a drug on the mind, and creates addiction for entrepreneurs to the point it alters their perception of the world and people.

Only few men and women succeeded to expect that drama and escaped it!

I instantly doubt the intention of anyone abusing humanitarian language to push private interests.

I HATE the snaky language of the people behind profit making businesses, hiding motives under humanitarian posture.

I’m african, and I have to tell you, we have enough of those people using our images for their filthy agenda. We call them the “Lords of Poverty”. There is a book with the same title.

Business is for profit. period.
What you do with the profit depends on your morality or ethics.

It seems to me that the humanitarian film on business is either a cheap marketing tactic or a sincere uneasiness any successful business man feels the first time lot money starts coming in.

from where I see it, just do business and make profit. Distribute the profit with your investors, employees and clients in ways that make sense to you, ideally in proportion that preserve social bonds.

No need of pushing the horn of ending poverty while doing business, unless it’s a clever way to use poor people image for cheap or convenient marketing!

“Africans are probably the only people on earth who are convinced that their oppressor will genuinely give them tools to liberate themselves.” @geno_brown

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About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of SiliconAfrica.com, Founder of Goodbuzz.net, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at mk@linkcrafter.com.

5 Responses to “I'm afraid of NGOs, Really!”

  1. Michael A. de Bose

    You are correct about China raising 800 Million people out of poverty, without NGOs and commercials of starving children and bloated stomachs. However have you ever watched Chinese movies contemporary or period? There are always references to the British turning them into opium addicts and occupying their country as well as what the Japanese did to them. Then observe what happened when US companies thought they were going to sell all their wares in China and it hasn't happened because the Chinese people intend to buy their own and build their own alternatives.

    On a governmental level African nations should look to China as verification that Robert Mugabe's general intent is probably the direction they want because its certainly the direction the Chinese went. The structure of the Chinese government does not allow the tinkering, meddling, bs that the West affronts Africa with. Here in the US if you look at the 500+ years of slavery then its no mystery that that same society that enslaved us doesn't excel at being fair to blacks, educating blacks or even living with blacks. It's also not a mystery that that same society excels at incarcerating blacks, murdering blacks, violating our rights and anything else foul. Africa is no different, you are looking to the people who brutalized you to help you. Sorry what Blacks have to understand is that person's heart and their perception of you will shape everything they do regarding you and we know those things haven't changed.

    Culturally African countries should note first when viewing China is that you are not talking about one people. Do you know that China has still reserved more land for indigenous peoples (autonomous regions) than for the main group, the Han who most are thinking of when they think of Chinese people. That's right, China is comprised of multiple cultures and multiple languages able to mostly function as one. There are problems yes but you see my point. Every time Africans desire to be something other than African, they are saying they want less people working on their problem. The more people that you can get under a tent to address and issue the more help you have. Thus it makes sense to be Africans first. I always laugh at us here in the states because the dominant society is always their color first. Blacks on the other hand want to be Christians first or business owners first. As though the Christians or business owners of the other side weren't raping, killing and pillaging us. So clearly all Africans must learn to be Africans first if you wish to secure Africa. It can be no other way.

  2. Michael A. de Bose

    I forgot to add that one of the things the Chinese do that highlights what I think is a shortcome of tribalism. China tends to take successful regions and mandates that they partner with depressed regions. They do that while letting them know projects with you partner regions/city will receive almost immediate approval. Anything outside of partnering with the depressed region will go into the special "Good Luck With That Bin". I watch African and Chinese news everyday and it appears that prosperity for many is being tied culturally or religiously with those in power.

  3. Hank Wilson

    If you believe in Fairy Dust, then you must have the Tooth Fairy coming in through the back door with a quarter for every tooth that's pulled. America and its Western Friends they made China who they are today, and with out the West , China would still be a 3rd world-nation with W MD's By they, you can thank Henry Kissinger and President Richard M. Nixon for that. China, continue to thank them even today…lol. The "Cold Wars" back then, it made for "Strange Bed Fellows."

  4. Hank Wilson

    Oh…and that money going into Africa and around the world for investment…that's old western monies getting its returns on the China investments back in the seventies, eighties and nineties. Oh, crap! I am going to be BAN…NOW…AGAIN…lol.

  5. Nzingha Shabaka

    Mawuna Remarque Koutonin I read all of the above, by you, maybe six months ago, I was dumb founded. I knew something was going on in Africa, when we see all the hunger, sickness, etc., I did not know exactly why. You shared some amazing information with us. You are to be commended for your information, keep up the good work.


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