Adopt A Startup : A New Approach to Sustain African Startups.

14076951745_c1b68a3e78_bStarting a startup in Africa , whether in the technology sector or not, substantial amount of funding or support is needed to make one’s idea meaningful or productive. Without such funding, it is advisable not to venture into entrepreneurship.

However, against the backdrop of lack of satisfiable funding for startups in Africa,  AMPION   – a non-government organization – based in berlin comes to the aid of innovative startups struggling to gather funds to boost its business.

On the 23rd of September, 2014, Ampion launched a crowdfunding campaign on the platform of  Indiegogo to help sustain startups and empower entrepreneurship in Africa.

Themed as ‘change through technology in Africa’, the primary purpose of the campaign( currently ongoing on indiegogo) is to adequately provide necessary fund for Ampion extensive  fellowship programme  supporting the most creative startups built on this year’s venture bus in Africa.

Over 160 participants on this year’s buses will create 16 and beyond startups to help in resolving Africa needs and priorities. Out of approximately 160 participants likely to feature in this year’s venture bus, the most innovative ones will be nurtured under the auspices of AMPION fellowship program to produce realistic ideas in order to help resolve the cares of the local economy.

‘Adopting a startup’ is regarded as an enabler to transform mere ideas into business ideas. It is expected, according to our research, to increase job creation in major parts of the Africa and help boost its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Regarding the ‘change through technology in Africa’, donors willing to offer minute amount of donations will receive classic perquisites like T-Shirts to help spread the word about Ampion’s campaign on indiegogo within the local community. Moreover, donors willing to donate 99 and beyond to help support the most innovative startups on the venture bus have a higher probability to adopt one of the winning Ampion Venture bus startups or own a single African entrepreneur.

Due to increased interactivity between the sponsors and the sponsored, supporters are afforded the possibility of tracking the impact of their donations –whether it is yielding positive results or not.  Donors can witness first-hand the positive change they help to enable. Moreover, the office spaces provided by AMPION and its partner Afrilabs  are integrated co-working spaces in innovation hubs – this way the startups will have the possibility of continued networking and knowledge exchange in their office.

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One Response to “Adopt A Startup : A New Approach to Sustain African Startups.”

  1. David Okwii

    I don't believe any serious minded entrepreneur needs external funding especially in the early stages of their ideas. They need moral support, business skills and working space to get their ideas off the ground. Well-intended funds will often lead to poorly developed products with ghost metrics to impress the donors/investors.


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