The privilege of being a human

Three months ago, something happened to me. It was in the dark of the jungle. I stepped outside of our safety zone, and entered a small bush under a number of tall trees nearby a river.

The risks are numerous, and I could easily be swallowed by a boa which would drop itself from a top tree, crush my bones and slowly swallow me while using a sliding saliva full of dissolving enzymatic.

A crocodile from the river could make a delicious meal out my small body, or a bull could charge me to death for entering their territory. Not forgetting the wild pigs which were abundant on the land two decades ago.

A cold sweat ran over my body, when I entered the bush, I almost tracked back, then I suddenly told myself “I’m a human” which means I belong to the group of super predators, and by experience all animals around know they should not mess up with us.

Indeed three decades ago, any human who will venture at the place, has a high chance to be killed by one animal or another. There were big colonies of bulls, big colonies of hippopotamus, big colonies of wild pigs, and the river was crowded with the biggest crocodiles you can imagine. Humans were careful to venture over there.

However, during the last decades most of those animals were hunted down and killed. Nowadays, the bulls, the wild pigs, almost 100% of wild animals are extinct here. The remainder animals had an epigenetic fear of humans. They have developed sophisticated ways to hide. They go silent when they sense humans. Crocodiles would see a human and start a panic running. Incredible!!!

When I entered that bush, all I have to do is just to recall myself that I’m a human in the bush, and all my fear would disappear, tough I know the animal fearing me are 10 times stronger than me, because I know they already have a learned fear of humans.

Once I got out of the bush rethinking about the experience, an idea crossed my mind “that’s how white people feel when they come to Africa. They just have to tell themselves ” I’m a white” to stop all fear. They know Africans have a learned fear of the white peole from the brutality of their ancestors “.


About Mawuna KOUTONIN

Mawuna Koutonin is a world peace activist who relentlessly works to empower people to express their full potential and pursue their dreams, regardless of their background. He is the Editior of, Founder of, and Social activist for Africa Renaissance. Koutonin’s ultimate dream is to open a world-class human potential development school in Africa in 2017. If you are interested in learning more about this venture or Koutonin’s other projects, you can reach him directly by emailing at

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