60 Startups To Follow In Africa

Logo Silicon AfricaThere are lots of startups that have been created over the years in Africa. Below is the list of African startup companies to watch out for.

  1. Afrigator is a blog directory and a social media search engine designed for people who are interested in blogs, videos, photos and news from Africa developed by Justin Hartman.
  2. African Film Library is an online database of African films. < is this link valid? It display nothing? I found something here, but it’s not related to the startup we want to feature: http://wn.com/Africanfilmlibrary
  3. Afrinnovator focuses primarily on Eastern Africa and this pan-African tech blog site also provides a platform that aggregates content from several prominent African blogs.
  4. Africanpixel is a Kenyan based app developer and is one of the first African firms to develop mobile products aimed for the iPhone market.
  5. AmaRadio is a South African based music desktop created and designed by local developer Gary James.
  6. Amatomu is an article aggregator and blog search engine that focuses on various blogs that have been published in South Africa created by Mail & Guardian online.
  7. Blueworld South Africa’s own social network focused on bringing together African citizens.
  8. Chesscube is a chess based gaming platform founded by Mark Levitt in 2006.  The site offers chess training videos, chess play & chat, etc.
  9. Encipher is an IT product and service delivery company founded in 2008 and has long been providing IT products and computing solutions for various types of start-ups and large corporate organizations.
  10. Freelancentral is a freelancing site that offers an online platform for freelancers and employers.
  11. Gatorpeeeps is officially a division of Afrigator but this is an online based micro blogging platform located in South Africa.
  12. GhanaMusic is a Gossip and Music gateway aimed for Ghana audiences.
  13. Gistcaster is a Nigerian social media platform that connects users based on their location.
  14. Got Issuez is an online community based in East Africa and is focused on quality control for the public and by the public.
  15. Iyam.Mobi is a comprehensive mobile phone based directory.
  16. Ikatiba is a social media platform and mobile applications directory in Africa.
  17. Kerawa is an online based classifieds service and an online tool that promotes person to person offline transactions in Africa.
  18. Kilonshele is live entertainment and marketing company.
  19. Kukurooku is a micro blogging platform combined with a little geo-location mojo.
  20. Lovebase is an online matchmaking community in Nigeria also known as Alarena previously.
  21. Maneno is a blogging platform with multi-lingual features.
  22. Modelbase offers an online portfolio hosting site both for models and photographers in South Africa.
  23. Mokocharlie is a photo sharing platform in Ghana.
  24. Muti is a free online directory.
  25. My Video is another video sharing platform that offers one of the biggest services in South Africa. This features channels, groups, video playing, downloading, and uploading among others.
  26. MyGenius is a South African small business networking website that provides an opportunity for users to promote themselves, collaborate with others, and build relationships along the way. The aim of this platform is to offer users a space where they can showcase their skills, share their ideas, or brand themselves.
  27. Mxit offers a free online mobile IM system and social networking portal where users will not only be able to social network but also perform other activities like shopping, online gaming, etc.
  28. MyRadeo is a micro blogging platform that is more centered in music sharing.
  1. MyScoop is a South African based blog aggregator and a blogging community.
  2. NiajaLingo is an online based dictionary for Nigerian broken English terminologies or pidgin.
  3. Naijaborn is custom-made social networking platform that generates a searchable, comprehensive database and user-generated profiles from the global Nigerian community.
  4. Naijapals is a social network platformand is considered one of the biggest in Nigeria.
  5. Onepage serves like an online business card for users who have the opportunity to create a profile and market themselves online. This startup was founded by OoNwye with his co-founder Joel Gascoigne.
  6. Online Nigeria is a Nigerian online community portal where members have the opportunity to interact with the Nigerian community and at the same time get the latest news and blogs on a variety of topics.
  7. Paga mobile based payment platform which aims to provide universal and innovative financial services to its wide Nigerian consumer base.
  8. Pambazuka is a new and upcoming Pan-African social activist web content supplier.
  9. Pesapal offers a service similar to PayPal which allows users to securely process various types of online payments.
  10. RiRanWo a comprehensive Nigerian media aggregator by Ademola Morebise, a budding tech entrepreneur who also started the upcoming communication tool known as Gistcaster.
  11. Social Cubix is a Nigeria based application developing firm.
  12. Sturvs Synthasite is a social bookmarking platform based in Nigeria.
  13.  The Grid is a mobile social network in South Africa.
  14. Truspot is a Nigerian news aggregator.
  15. Turenchi is an online news aggregator for various online based Nigerian newspapers.
  16. Txtoweb is a Nigerian online classified ads platform.
  17. Ushahidi is an open source crowd sourcing utility project founded by Ory Okolloh.
  18. View Naija is video sharing platform and online social community in Nigeria.
  19. Virtusa.co.za is an aggregation and social news website that offers members with the latest news and an online platform for sharing and discovering just about anything in the web.
  20. Vottle is an online classified ads platform.
  21. Waaazap is a Nigerian social networking site with blogging features and fun applications like Inkspots, Debates, Movies, and others.
  22. Whive is a East African social networking site developed by a Kenyan entrepreneur John S. Karanja under Space Kenya Networks Ltd.
  23. Yarnable is a micro blogging platform that also provides members the opportunity to meet and connect with other people.
  24. Yola is an online website creation toolkit.
  25. YRN.ME is a free online toolkit for creating websites.
  26. Zoopy is a video and picture sharing community in South Africa.
  27. Zoopedup is an automotive social networking platform where members can create their own online garage to feature their cars. This also offers blogging services and video and picture sharing platform as well as discussion forums and event galleries from all over the world.
  28. Zuqka is a media sharing community based in Kenya.
  29. Student Village is a social sharing platform that enables students to develop their lives, share ideas and personal views about any topics associated with a student life.
  30.  LitNet is a joint venture of 24.com and Ligitprops 3042 BK which is online multicultural journal for the South Africans.
  31.  Mobimii is a mobile application platform that enables users to share videos, pictures and other mobile contents with friends.
  32. Springleap is an online retailer for the latest in apparels and a hosting site for an online community.

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