Why Black People Transfer their Family Wealth To White with Miscegenation

Proud to be black!

How to transfer your family wealth to whites in just two generations.


If you marry white, your Kids would be mulattoes.

Factually, mulattoes almost never marry black people.

Consequently, in two generations, your descendants would become white.

In those few steps your family wealth you inherited and your own are transferred to read more

What I think about the Black Panther Movie

Here is what I think.

The film should be the occasion to visit the life, agenda, struggle, and the elimination of the real black panthers.

There are a lot of books on the black panthers. One that stands out for me is ‘black panthers against the empire’.

Unfortunately black people don’t read anymore, but there is an audio book version read more

The Meaning of Fasting before easter

Since last week the catholics here in Togo are fasting.

An old man of 76 years old, follows the Catholic Church dogma, and was fasting.

I told him that was very dangerous for his health and he should no follow such foreign traditions.

Then I asked him ‘do you know where the fasting tradition comes from?’.

read more

Easter Explained to stupid African Christians

Since four months I’m living with an old couple, in a hilly village, in the center South region of Togo.

I rent a room for $4/month. I slept on a small bed, and everyday the old lady heats up water for me to wash my body.

Every night she serves me hot food made with herbs, cheese, mustard, and so much love.

They didn’t know me before, but read more

Change your name

It costs only 20 dollars to change your name in the United States.

Then you wait 30 days to receive new shiny papers with your beautiful African name.

Why then millions of African Americans are keeping their slave names?

If you love so much slavery and your slave name, don’t come here to pretend you want panafricanism, saying proud to be black, read more

Start by Changing your name

Some people want to save Africa, but they won’t take one hour to go to a local court to change their name back to an African name.

One hour. Just one.

Here in Togo it cost 10euros and a quick explanation letter.

When asked why you want to change your slave or colonial name, write something like ‘this name confuses me with historic terrorists. read more

It’s all about technology

Any nation could master all the basic technology for modern life in less than 25 years.

Technology is so easy.
It’s only a matter of courage, determination, and discipline.

Buy an old computer at $10, call your Kids. Open it, clean it, and mount it back. Repeat.

Now watch videos about how to make a computer at home. You can build with read more

About Bitcoin

The African people in the Diaspora and at home are heavily target by the Bitcoin recent marketing.

I felt it was necessary to investigate the Bitcoin craze and share my opinion here, regardless.

What is Bitcoin?
It’s digital notarized record of transactions between two parties or more, based on a decentralized, distributed ledger technology read more