The Deep State. What is a Deep State?

Do you know what is a deep state?

The deep state is a network of individuals who are neither elected nor in any official position but use their wealth, social status, and threats to compel elected state agents and officials to submit to their direct authority, will and influence.

Often there are up to seven levels of separation from the individuals running the deep state and the public agents/official they intend to influence. It’s that indirect way of influence which makes people to call it the ‘deep’ State. It’s invisible and hidden to direct examination and covers up with lot of subterfuge and deceptive mission statement.

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What Panafricanism has in common with Christianity or Jesuanism

Panafricanism looks like Christianity to me.

Jesus said he came for the bad people, the criminals, the thieves, the liars, the corrupted, the evils, those who had been lost to the devil.

So if you want to know who are the bad people, the thieves and criminals in your city go to the nearby church. The top criminals usually sit on the first three rows.

What I’ve seen with lot of panafricanist organizations is that they attracts mainly the most westernized Africans seeking a cover-up for feeling ashamed to have fallen so much in love with the enemy, like the most devoted Christians are often the most evil people using the religion to cover-up the torment of their attraction to evilness.

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Africa is not a garbage box

Africa is not a garbage box.

You think about about Africa only when you have been rejected everywhere else.

You become panafricanist when you got into trouble, can’t find a job, got discriminated, and your old friends are no where to be found.

You want to marry African women now because you have been disappointed by other race women. Who told you our women are second hand spouses?

You want to return to Africa because you have failed in foreign land, and have to run away!

For you Africa is a garbage box where the broken souls finds hope.

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Christianity is an inferior religion

Christianity is an inferior religion, compared to much deeper and healing spirituality like Vodun.

Vodun is based on more scientific principles wrapped in poetic transexastactic rites.

You can film a Vodun miracle ceremony. However, since cameras had appeared miracles had altogether disappeared in Christianity, and only fake testimonials are used.

You can film a Vodun ceremony where people are using knives to cut flesh which cures instantly or people bathing in flames while laughing. Most Vodun miracles are done in public, not a word spoken.

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Debug Your Language

Softwares like Facebook or WhatsApp are written with a programming language.

There are tens of software’s languages, like Python, Java, Php. Software engineers have to master those languages, following strict syntax, structures, logic, procedures, etc.

Regardless of their seniority or mastery, there are always bugs in the software. Bugs make the software or app not work well or been hacked.

Therefore debugging is a big part of the work of writing a software.

In society, we interact with each other with social languages, and there are hundreds of them.

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Don't Fight Racism

Only stupid Africans fight against Racism.

Racism is the white man disease. Are you Doctor of racism?

Did the white man came to consultation at your office for that disease? How can you cure another person disease?

Don’t waste your limited life time fighting racism. If a racist hurts you. Plan for revenge, and Revenge well.

Assert yourself unapologetically!!!!


Africa Friends

China, Russia, Cuba, Romania, Algeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, are countries which had always stood for the black people worldwide in their fight against European barbarism and imperialism.

They have provided at state level resources to Africans in order to fight European aggression and terrorism. Their soldiers had died for Africans sometime by thousand on African soil.

Those countries as per today are still, at state level, the most sympathetic to Africans in their fight to free themselves from European barbarism.

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Don't Marry a Christian

Yesterday night, I was with a girl.

She is the girl next door, but filed under “friend” folder.

I was doing my evening hillside walk, and saw her. She is nice, but not very smart, with dreams bigger than her skills.

We walked some way up, and she asked me about my status.

I said I’m on the market but have not find the one. I said I have casuals and I’m OK with that for now.

She wanted to know more. I said I was seeing someone for sometime already, but she is christian, and I have no plan to marry a Christian woman.

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Mysterious Knowledge

Mystery is more valuable than knowledge.

Knowledge is more useful than mystery.

Humans are more triggered by mystery, and would readily dismiss knowledge.

Learn mystery, display mystery, but be a master of knowledge.

Displaying knowledge is often a sign of weakness.

Even your spouse would refuse a peeled banana from your hand.

Don’t peel a banana before giving it to someone, even if it’s a friend.

A life without mystery is often an empty life.

Always spit after going to toilet!

Four Millions Muslims Killed by Christian Soldiers

During the last decades soldiers from Christian countries in Europe and America went to kill 4 million Muslims in their countries.

Most of the killings are done by a coalition of Christian countries armies called NATO.

Four millions Muslims killed by Christian countries qualifies certainly as a genocide which still is going, specially through illegal wars. It also a religious war between European Christian countries and Muslim countries.

Back to the past. When Christian Europeans were killing Indians in america by millions to take their land, no one talked at that time of genocide. The pope blessed the conquistadors and public money was used to finance the killings and land grabbing.

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